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Eureka High
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4525 MO-109, Eureka, MO 63025 | Phone (636) 733-3100 | Fax (636) 733-8850



​​​​​Late Arrivals/Leaving Early

Parents should send a note with their student for a pre-arranged late arrival or early dismissal.

Any student who enters or leaves school for any reason after arriving on campus must scan in or out using his/her ID card at The Welcome Center.  For a dental or medical appointment, a notice of the appointment or a note from the parent or the doctor must be presented to the attendance office prior to leaving.  Any other reason for leaving school should be cleared directly with a principal before scanning out (with the exception of CCE students, afternoon technical school students, or students on shortened schedules).  Any student who arrives to school after 8:16 am must scan in at the Welcome Center for an admit slip to class.  The Welcome Center attendant and/or the grade-level principal will determine if the tardy is excused, unexcused or truant.

Attendance Information

The EHS attendance system is efficiently managed by Kim Gardner. To report a student absence, simply call 636-733-3115 and ask for attendance. If you call before or after hours, you can dial “1” for the attendance voice mail line.​

Inclement Weather/Snow Days

When snow, ice or other severe weather conditions warrant the closing of school; the announcement will be made over the radio stations KMOX, KYKY, KTRS and WIL.  All local TV stations will also carry school closing information. Parents will also receive an alert call and e-mail to inform them of the early release or closing.


A tardy is when a student is not in the classroom when the bell rings. Any student who arrives to class unexcused more than five minutes late is truant and will be assigned a detention.

Tardies to class (per semester):​

  • 2nd Tardy – Written warning by teacher and student conference with teacher.
  • 3rd Tardy – Teacher assigns detention.
  • 4th Tardy – Teacher assigns detention and calls parent.
  • 5th Tardy – Teacher assigns two single detentions.
  • 6th Tardy – Office referral; minimum Saturday detention.

On subsequent tardies, the student will be referred to the office for ISS or OSS.​


Students from other schools will not be permitted to visit classes during the school day except in extraordinary cases.  Outsiders will not be permitted to loiter in the buildings or on the school grounds at any time.  Visits to the school by parents for conferences, programs, and planned classroom visits are encouraged.  The school visitor policy is directed to primarily the unannounced type of visitor and is not intended to discourage parents from visiting.  All visitors must obtain a pass from the principal’s office to visit anyone during the school day.

​Absence on the Day of an Activity

Students who are absent from school on the day of an athletic activity, music performance, dramatic activity, or any other school-sponsored activity will not be able to attend or participate in that activity during the day or evening.  Students must be in attendance six periods of the day to be eligible to participate.  Students who are absent from school for a doctor or dental appointment may attend or participate in an activity with a written doctor or dental statement releasing them to participate, administrative approval, and attendance of a part of the school day.  Under unusual circumstances, an administrator may grant approval for participation if arranged in advance.

Eureka High