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A+ Program


A+ Information Overview

A+ Handbook 

A+ Online Application ​​(click to enroll)

Tutoring & Mentoring Log​​​ (click to enter hours)

(Update for Class of 2021 Only- per MDHE- 25 tutoring hours to replace the 50 tutoring hour requirement)

A+ Tutoring/Mentoring Virtual Expectations & Opportunities​ ​(scroll down below)

Eligible A+ Community Colleges and Vocational Technical Schools

A+ Recognition from 4 yr Colleges and Universities​ 

​​The A+ Schools Program was established as part of the Missouri Outstanding Schools Act of 1993 in order to provide incentives for local high schools to raise academic expectations, reduce their drop out rate, establish relationships with the business community, and provide better career pathways to students. Administration of the scholarships of the A+ Program is coordinated through the Missouri Department of Higher Education. Additional details can be found by visiting the Missouri Department of Higher Education website.  

Students who graduate from an A+ designated high school may qualify for a state-paid financial incentive to attend a public community college or public career or technical school in Missouri.  Some private career & technical schools are also A+ eligible.  A rising number of four year colleges are also offering institutionally funded incentives for students who meet A+ criteria. A+ Recognition Programs from 4 Yr College Universities 20-21 updated Jan. 2021​

A+ Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have a signed A+ participant agreement on file in the A+ office. Online Application 
  • Attend an A+ designated high school for three consecutive years immediately prior to graduation.
  • Graduate with an unweighted, unrounded GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Maintain at least a 95% cumulative attendance record in grades 9 - 12. 
  • Achieve the math proficiency requirement with a score of advanced or proficient on the Algebra 1 End of Course Exam or qualifying ACT score with sliding GPA combination (scale below).
  • Perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring and/or mentoring with Rockwood students under Rockwood staff supervision.  Online Tutoring Hours Log
  • Class of 2021 Only- 25 tutoring hours to replace the 50 tutoring hours requirement​ per MDHE.
  • Class of 2022, 2023 and 2024- 50 total A+ hours still required 
  • Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid the use of alcohol and unlawful drugs
  • Have five or less days of school suspension. 
  • Make a good faith effort to apply for non-payback financial aid by completing FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 
  • Register for Selective Service, if applicable. 

Qualifying ACT score with sliding GPA combination chart for math requirement:

ACT Math Score HS GPA
17 or greaterand2.5 or greater
16and2.8 or greater
15and3.0 or greater​

2020-2021 SENIORS: The deadline to enroll in the A+ Program is September 30​, 2020.​​

Seniors: ALL time sheets must be returned to the A+ coordinator by 3:00 pm, Friday, May 14, 2021​ in order to be part of your 50 hours.

To sign up, please read through the handboook above and complete the online application.  Additional questions concerning this program can be directed to Austin Kirby, A+ and Testing Coordinator, or Lisa Callaghan, A+ and Testing Secretary at 636-733-3103.   

A+ Tutoring/Mentoring Virtual Expectations & Opportunities



Enroll in the A+ program by filling out & submitting an online application​.

Have your tutoring/mentoring assignment approved in advance by the A+ Coordinator, Mr. Kirby. Contact via email:



  • All pre-approved hours must be recorded and logged using the 20-21 online tutoring log above. 


  • Be reliable, arrive on time & attend consistently.
  • Arrive prepared and complete assigned tasks in a responsible manner.


  • Dress appropriately.
  • Treat all staff members and students with the utmost respect and friendliness.
  • Project a positive attitude, maturity and self-confidence.
  • Use good judgment and follow all school rules.


  • Respect the principle of confidentiality.
  • Any information regarding a student's academics and/or behavior is NOT to be shared with friends or family members.

Tutoring and Mentoring Opportunities:

  • Tutor a younger sibling in your household
  • Virtually tutor a classmate or younger Rockwood student
  • Enroll in the Cadet Teaching Class or Community Service Class and actively assist teacher
      • Upon the successful completion of Cadet Teaching or Community Service course students will have fulfilled the A+ tutoring requirement, these hours do not have to be logged or recorded for the 20-21 school year
  • Enroll in the PE Mentoring Class and actively assist teach and students
      • Upon the successful completion of the PEM Mentoring course students will have fulfilled the A+ tutoring requirement, these hours do not have to be logged or recorded for the 20-21 school year
  • Complete up to 12.5 hours related to career exploration/job shadowing

**Once you are ready to start your tutoring assignment reach out to Mr. Kirby via email,, to approve and record your assignment.    ​​​


  • Senior year - if you are attending a 4-year college that offers an A+ recognition scholarship, check to see if there is an extra application required and submit it by the deadline of the college. If you are attending an eligible A+ community college/technical school, they will look for the A+ eligible stamp on your HS transcript to verify you completed the program and funds will be applied to your account.  Eligible A+ Community Colleges and Vocational Technical Schools​​
  • Prior to the last day of high school attendance all A+ senior students should check Infinite Campus to confirm that all program requirements (outlined above) will be met and everything has been submitted/recorded. 
    • Tutoring hours, attendance documentation etc. cannot be accepted after Seniors' last day. 
  • Submit a Transcript Request Form​ to the EHS College and Career Office. The college financial aid office will be looking for your final transcript with graduation date and the A+ Eligible stamp to verify eligibility and apply funds to your account.
  • From that point on, work with financial aid/admissions/advisement office at the college you are attending. ​

​Rockwood voluntarily chooses to participate in the A+ Schools Program as a commitment to provide all students with a rigorous education that prepares them for college, post/secondary career/technical training, and a high wage job. The Missouri State Board of Education designates A+ status based on program review.  ​​​​

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