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Two Rockwood Anti-Bullying Ambassador students speak

Bullying behavior could be calling someone hurtful and derogatory names. Spreading lies and bad rumors about someone. Hitting, punching, shoving, spitting and physically hurting someone. Excluding others socially or isolating them from the group. Taking away money or possessions. It also includes online bullying behaviors, such as sending mean texts, emails or instant messages. Posting photos or messages about others. Using someone else’s username to spread rumors or lies. If you question whether it could be bullying behavior, please speak to a trusted adult.

It’s important to report bullying behavior at school and at home. Carefully describe what you saw, who was involved, where it took place, what you did, and how you felt about it. As an anti-bullying ambassador, you have a team of caring adults who can help resolve the conflict and help bring resolution to the situation.

If you have questions about RSD's Anti-Bullying program, contact Dr. Steve Hankins, Executive Director of Student Services, at 636-733-2189.