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Suicide Prevention

Call 988 Visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website

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A nationwide suicide prevention and mental health lifeline makes a statement that mental health care is a cornerstone of a well person. Calling a crisis line can mean that a person receives appropriate, less restrictive and more effective long-term mental health care. In our current system, law enforcement, emergency and/or hospital systems are frequently used as frontline responses to mental health crises. These systems are overburdened, often not extensively trained in mental health and costly to the system and the individual.

When someone calls, texts, or chats 988, they are connected to a trained crisis counselor from a local agency that provides mental health and suicide prevention support. In St. Louis County, St. Louis city, and Jefferson County, Behavioral Health Response (BHR) is the local agency that supports 988. Provident Behavioral Health serves as a back-up call center.

  • 988 is a confidential, free resource available 24/7/365 to connect those experiencing a mental health, substance use or suicidal crisis with trained crisis counselors.
  • 988 will be available via call, text or chat.
  • 988 call services will be available in Spanish, along with interpretation services in more than 150 languages.

With 988, a trained professional can talk to a person when they need it the most. An effective helpline can provide life-saving connection, resources, referrals and follow-up.

Prevention works. Please spread the word and help end the stigma toward those seeking mental health help.