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Accelerated Reader


​​The Accelerated Reader program is used to supplement the district approved Language Arts curriculum that is already taking place in our classrooms. Teachers will continue to teach and assess the district curriculum as they have done in the past.

Accelerated Reader is a reading program that encourages students to read.  This program is based on the concept the students read better by reading more. Reading is a skill and no skill improves without practice.  Students choose a book. Students may then take a test that allows teachers to check basic comprehension of the story. 

Our goal is to encourage students to read independently and to enjoy reading!

The Accelerated Reader program promotes the following reading objectives:  

  • motivates students to read more books independently.

  • matches students with books at their appropriate reading level.

  • assists teachers in assessing students’ reading levels and comprehension.

  • helps ALL students to feel successful in reading.