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Book Suggestions


Book Suggestions and Reviews from Geggie Students:

  • The book "A Mexican Christmas" was good, The only part that was not very good was that it told the story in a weird order like for example, it told about Mary and then it told how Mexicans celebrate Christmas. Otherwise it was a good book. It has good details and a good plot. I would recommend this book if you want to learn about traditions in different countries. This book was a nonfiction book. If I had to rate this book I would give it 4 stars. By: Scott

  • My book is "Levi Strauss Gets A Bright Idea." The genre is non-fiction. It is an AR book. The author is Tony Johnston. My favorite part is when Levi cuts apart his tent to make the blue jeans because the tent is very tough. I would give it four stars out of five stars. I would recommend this book if you like motivational stories about not giving up.

  • How Laws Are Passed
    Hi, my name is Joseph. The genre of "How Laws Are Passed" is nonfiction. It is not in a series. The book is an AR though. I would rate this book a 3 stars out of 5 stars.  I learned more information about how the president can veto a bill. Veto means to stop a bill from becoming a law.  A vetoed bill can still become a law if all the senators and representatives vote by a 2/3 majority vote to pass the bill. My favorite part of the book was how the president can veto a bill. That’s what I learned about the book, "How Laws Are Passed."

  • Hi my name is Joshua. The genre is nonfiction.  The book is called "The Digestive System."​ This book is not a series.  This book is an AR. I would rate this book on a scale of 1-10 probably a 8. 
    The book’s grammar was really good, and the books punctuation is really good too. There were two helpful details.  When you eat something you don’t have anything else to  do, your stomach does the rest.  Secondly saliva contains digestive juices that helps too. My favorite part of this book is when they talk about the throat and the epiglottis. They say something like if you are not careful chewing your food could go down the wrong tube.

  • "Willow And The Snow Day Dance"
     "Willow And The Snow Day Dance" is a good book because it had   
     many settings and many characters. This book is not in a series so you   
    do not have to read any books before this one, "Willow And The Snow   
    Day Dance." Willow is the main character in the book. The book is worth 0.5 points on A.R., which means the book is A.R. There are going to be many things going on in this book so you have to keep up with all of it. I hope you read this book soon.

  • Rating:
    My name is Macey and I am going to tell you about the book "Constitution Day." The book "Constitution Day" was not a series, but was an AR. "Constitution Day’s" genre was non-fiction. "Constitution Day" was about how you can learn about the Constitution and celebrate Constitution Day. My favorite part of the book was when they told me how to celebrate Constitution Day because I did not know how to celebrate the holiday. The way you celebrate Constitution Day is you wear red, white and blue.  You wear those colors because that day was the day the Constitution Day was established. You can also give your family word searches about the Constitution to see how much they know. I hope you learn something from my review about the book "Constitution Day.

  • Kathryn
    "A Visual Dictionary Of  A Pioneer Community"  
    The historical nonfiction book, "A Visual Dictionary Of A Pioneer Community", is an informative book about pioneer life in the United States. This book is not part of a series, but it is on the Accelerated Reader book list. I give this book three stars. The book is divided into sections each describing a part of the pioneer life, such as village life and farm life. This would be a good research book for someone who wants to know about pioneer living. My favorite part of the book was the description about the game called “Rounders”. “Rounders” was a game played with a stick, a ball, and three posts, which eventually became an early form of baseball. 

  •  Bailey
    The book I read was "In Business with Mallory."  It is a series but you don't have to read it in order because it starts with a new story all the time. This book is an AR because I took the quiz for it. I would recommend this book if you like books that have new stories all the time.  I would give it is 5 stars because it was a really good book.  It took place at Mallory's house, her friend’s house and Mallory’s front yard. My favorite part in the story is when she makes a joke book.  She wants to sell it and she makes funny jokes. The book is by Laurie B. Friedman. The genre of this book is fiction. 

  • Andrew
    The name of this book is "Emma’s Rug." It is fictionThis is not a series.It’s an AR. I would rate it **** (four) stars. I rate it that because it’s a little bit confusing, but you might understand it. It’s  very confusing, but it’s very descriptive. My least favorite part is when the mom cleans the rug. I feel this way because I didnt like it when  she screamed “no!”.I hope you liked my review.

  • My name is Jonah.
    My book is "Sand Tiger Shark". It is nonfiction.  It is not an AR book or in  a series. I would give it about three stars. I would not get it because it  has more pictures than words. I also don't like it is bad from the word it doesn't really tell you what is happening.  

  • "The One And Only Ivan"
    "The One And Only Ivan" is a great fiction book that has an AR quiz. It is a touching story about a gorilla named Ivan who is trying to save a helpless elephant named Ruby.That is harder than you think when you are in a small cage at a mall. My favorite part is when Ruby comes and meets Ivan. It is not in a series but enjoy it anyway.   -Callie

  • "The Orphan" ***
    The book I read is about a girl whose mother died and her dad married an evil stepmother. The stepmother does not let the orphan go to the ball. The orphan was sad, so she went to her mother’s grave. She heard her mother’s voice from the grave. When she heard her mother's voice, her mother told her to go the ball. Her mother summoned the nature fairies to bring her accessories and they created a gown made from nature. I am not going to tell you much about the book because I want you to read it! I would recommend the book if you like Cinderella stories. It is not in a series and it is an AR book worth 0.5 points. Hope you can read it!    

  • "Jumanji"
    "Jumanji" is a really good book. It was action packed and funny. My favorite part is when the other two boys go and find the game where Julie and Billy had left it at the park. By the way this book has a Caldecott Medal so they must agree with me.

  • "Mallory vs. Max"                                                      
    I would recommend this book because it​ has stunning visualization.  You can picture what is going to happen next on each page. In the beginning, Mallory is talking and keeps distracting her parents about why her brother, Max should not have a pet dog.  Mallory made up a day called Scrapbook Day. It  is a day where her family makes scrapbooks for a whole day.  It didn’t work out because Mallory was so busy talking. 

    The family decided that they would to go get Max’s dog.  First, they went to the petstore.  When they arrived Max went straight to where the dogs were. There were all different colors and sizes of dogs there.  They couldn’t decide so they if Max wanted a dog from the pet store so they decided to go somewhere else. Max’s family then went to Farmer Frank’s Farm and looked at their puppies.  There were many different ones.  Max picked out a puppy.  Farmer Frank gave Max instructions on how to take care of the puppy. Mallory’s family then went back home and played the name game for the puppy. Max picked out the name Baseball  but no one in the family liked that name.  Max decided to pick another name.  He picked the new name of Champ. The family all agreed and liked the name, so the name of the puppy is Champ.  There is a surprise next in the book, but I am not going to tell you because I want you to read.

    Next, the family takes Champ to the vet to get him checked and he was fine.  Max decided to take Champ to school with him the next day. I hope you get a chance to read the book and the series. The best part is that there are surprises. This book is an AR book.. The genre is fiction. I rate this book 4.4 rating.  By:Laci

  • Luke
    This book’s title" Juneteenth" It is realistic fiction and this book is not a series. This book is an AR.  I would rate this book a five star. I think one good reason is that it is about slavery and how they become free again.  I think if you want to look at a book about slavery you would enjoy it. My favorite part of the book was when the slaves were so happy that they started dancing.  

  • My name is Garrett.  The title of my book was "Packed with Poison:  Deadly Animal Defenses."  The book was about all animals with poison and how they defend themselves.  If you read this book it is not a series.  My favorite part was the venom inside the rattlesnake.  This book is not an AR book.  I would rate this book at good 3 stars.​