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Rockwood School District

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Calendar Committee


The Calendar Committee consists of parents, staff, and administrators. This committee establishes the school-year calendar for the academic year two years in advance.


Kelly Sollberger

Kelly Sollberger

Director Human Resources

Committee Members

Dr. Kelly Sollberger (facilitator), Thomas Cook, Dr. Katie Reboulet, Dr. Keri Skeeters, Dr. Dawnette Wiskur, Dr. Corey Sink, Dr. Rick Regina, Jon Sumner, Dr. Laurie Birkenmeier, Dr. Eric Higgins, Dr. Lorinda Krey, Dr. Tim Rebholz, David Herod, Cindy Golden, Colleen Hayden, Maryann Immordino, Liz Kilian, Lindsay Kuehl, Patricia Mabie, Michelle Stephens, Leanne Cantu, Andrew Shin, Kerry Phillips, Kate Moore, Adam Minnick and Mary Jesperson.

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