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Rockwood School District

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Policy Review


The Policy Review Committee is charged with examining all new or amended policies prior to presentation to the Board of Education. The Policy Review Committee shall be composed of ten members that include one Board of Education member, the Superintendent or designee, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, the RNEA President or designee, three principals (one each from the elementary, middle and high schools), and two teachers. The Committee is chaired by the Board secretary.


Janet Sadowski

Janet Sadowski

Administrative Assistant

Committee Members

Board of Education member, Bob Cadigan; Superintendent or designee, Dr. Curtis Cain; Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Dr. Katie Reboulet; RNEA President or designee, Thomas Cook; Elementary School Principal Dr. Andrea Lockwood; Middle School Principal Dr. Karen Hedrick, RVMS; High School Principal Dr. Emily McCown, RSHS; Teacher, Gabriel Cervantes; Teacher, Katie Schulze, EHS; Committee Chair, Janet Sadowski, Board Secretary

Meeting Dates

Meetings will only be held if one or more policies are ready for review.

Meeting Minutes

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