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Electioneering Guidelines for PTOs

Rockwood has district policies and regulations on electioneering​, which recognize Missouri Statute 115.646. 

The foundation of the policies/regulations shares that PTOs may not use district resources to urge support or opposition for a candidate. The following constitute summary guidelines.  If a PTO has questions, please contact Rockwood Communications at (636) 733-1140.

  • May a PTO advocate for a candidate or ballot issue?

    • ​No – Candidates: As a 501C(3) organization, PTOs are prohibited from becoming directly or indirectly involved in the campaigns of political candidates. 

    • Yes – Bond Issues: As a 501C(3) organization, PTOs may engage in advocating for or against ballot initiatives - which include bond issues.

  • May a PTO use district resources to share information about a candidate or ballot issue?

    • ​​No - Advocacy Materials: PTOs may not use district resources to prepare, post, sort or distribute any materials or information that express a position on a candidate or ballot measure. 

    • Yes - Rockwood Communication Materials: Rockwood will produce informational materials that are factual responses about a ballot issue or candidate election. PTOs may distribute these print and electronic messages as posted on  All distributed written material must include a “Paid for by” statement.

  • May PTO members wear a campaign button or sticker at school?

    • Yes: Any person, including PTO members, may wear political clothing, buttons or stickers as long as they are appropriate for the school setting and do not cause a disruption to the learning environment.​

  • May PTO members work at the polls on Election Day?

    • Yes: PTO members, as individuals, may work at the polls, distribute campaign literature on behalf of a bond issue or candidate, telephone prospective voters and assist with mailings – as long as they are not using District resources.

  • May PTOs use the school’s website or social media to post/distribute messages?

  • ​No: Campaign information that advocates for or against a candidate or ballot issue shall not be included in PTO information that is directly sent informational messages found on to share resources.

  • Yes: PTOs may use district-approved, informational messages found on to share on these district resources.

  • May PTO members use their own personal email, phone, and social media accounts to share candidate or bond issue information?

  • Yes – All individuals have First Amendment rights to exercise their freedom of speech to advocate for or against a political candidate or ballot issue.  

This document was attorney reviewed and updated January, 2024.