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Rockwood School District

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For Presidents

Your roles and responsibilities as PTO President:

  • Partner with Principal and teacher representative in meeting the Mission and Purpose of the PTO Organization
  • Conduct and/or attend all Board meetings and other PTO-sponsored functions as determined by the Board
  • Attend Presidents' Forum meetings
  • Manage all committees as assigned
  • Partner with the Treasurer to create initial committee budgets and management of the budgets throughout the year. When there are discrepancies, team with Vice Presidents and Treasurer to resolve.
  • Update the Executive Board at monthly meetings on upcoming events, potential issues and or changes.
  • Represent Board at Back to School Coffee
  • Represent Board at Kindergarten Orientation
  • Respect all holidays (religious and non-religious) when scheduling committee meetings and events
  • Represent the Board in a positive, cohesive manner with knowledge of all events or the ability to forward to the appropriate representative
  • Prepare updates to Bylaws on an ongoing basis; present for approval
  • Prepare and distribute School Packets
  • Prepare and distribute Chair people packets. Conduct Chairperson's committee meeting.
  • Communicate as appropriate with the Executive Board and Vice Presidents