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Rockwood School District

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For Volunteer Coordinators

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Aid program chairs by recruiting volunteers throughout the year
  • Managing member data
  • Help inform parents about their volunteer opportunities and responsibilities
  • Attend PTO events
  • Communicate with Committee Chairs to understand their volunteer needs
  • Create an online database of PTO volunteers, tasks and timelines
  • Support and encourage volunteers
  • Use a variety of recruitment tools
  • Coordinate with the principal, school secretary and teachers

Recruiting Volunteers

  • Determine the best way to recruit volunteers inside and outside of school.
  • Thank volunteers throughout the year.
  • Prepare detailed job descriptions for volunteers so they know what is expected of them.
  • Keep a set of volunteer guidelines in the school office and on your website to send to new families who join the school throughout the year.
  • Make volunteer opportunities visible on websites, social medial channels, and bulletin boards.


  • Organize volunteer needs in Google Drive, being specific about the number needed, dates and times, and duties to be fulfilled.
  • Develop a master calendar of volunteer needs.
  • Use online tools to manage and solicit volunteers.
  • Keep a list of volunteers from year to year to allow for easy follow-up.
  • Post to Facebook, the school website and ParentSquare when volunteers are needed.

Additional Resources

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