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Rockwood Gifted Program
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265 Old State Rd, Ellisville, MO 63021 | Phone (636) 891-6550 | Fax (636) 891-8884

Gifted Services and Opportunities

​Gifted Program Offerings

​​Elementary School​Middle School​High School

​Center for Creative Learning

  • 1 day a week
  • 300+ minutes a week​​

Direct and Indirect Services by Gifted Program Counselor

plus PEGS Regional Collaborative Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students

Support throughout the district by Gifted Program Director

​Academic Stretch
  • Special-Class Model
  • 210 minutes a week
  • Paired with Compacted Challenge Language Arts (CCLA)*
​Gifted Resource Program
  • Consultation Services
  • Time varies per pupil

General School Offerings​​

​​Elementary School​Middle School​High School
​Curriculum Compacting
(5 days of instruction covered in 4 days for Center students)
​Challenge Classes in Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies​Honors Classes; AP Classes
​Cluster Grouping of Gifted Students​High School Courses in Math​
Distance Learning
​Math Acceleration​High School Courses in Foreign Languages​Dual-Enrollment/Credit

​Leveled Instruction in Literacy

Extensions in Science & Social Studies

​Encore Classes in Fine and Practical Arts​Elective Courses in Fine and Practical Arts
​e-Hour Clubs​After-School Clubs​Extra-Curricular Offerings​

District Initiatives Supporting Advanced Learning Opportunities​

​​Enrichment​Acceleration​Differentiation​Board Policies and Regulations

​School-Sponsored Opportunities

Partners-in-Education Opportunities

PTO-Sponsored Opportunities

Summer Opportunities​

​Whole Grade Skipping Procedures

Subject Matter Acceleration Procedures

Parent Resource Packet; Teacher Resource Packet

​Professional Development

​Content Area Curriculum Document Recommendations

Teacher Evaluation Form​

​Policy 25​35:​ Student Academic Acceleration

Regulation 2535: Student Academic Acceleration

​* According to DESE guidelines, CCLA is not officially part of the gifted program.  Gifted program classes are not allowed to supplant required coursework, nor can they be taught by teachers without gifted certification.​​