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Rockwood Gifted Program
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Mission and Vision

​Gifted Definition

Gifted individuals are those who demonstrate high intellectual ability, possess exceptional potential in one or more domains, exhibit talent in creative and critical thinking, and often experience asynchronous development. These individuals also possess unique social, emotional, and learning needs and require differentiated educational services beyond those provided in the regular classroom setting.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rockwood Gifted Program is to provide a learning community that maximizes the potential of gifted students with unique cognitive, social, and emotional needs through highly challenging curriculum and specialized instruction that enable students to contribute to the demands of an ever-changing society.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an exemplary gifted program, to advocate for, inspire, and meet the needs of all students in the Rockwood Gifted Program.

Philosophy Statement​

Gifted students possess exceptional potential that may be evidenced in one or more domains. Domains may include intellectual, emotional, physical, visual arts, performing arts, and/or creative and critical thinking.

Gifted students exist in all age, cultural/ethnic, and socio-economic groups may be twice exceptional and often experience asynchronous development.

Gifted students have unique learning and social-emotional needs and require specialized, rigorous, differentiated educational experiences.

To realize their potential, gifted students need support from their parents, classroom teachers, school counselors, gifted education teachers, gifted counselors, and administrators working in collaboration. Gifted students benefit from interaction with similarly gifted peers and mentors throughout their school careers.