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Rockwood Gifted Program
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Kindergarten Identification

​Kindergarten identification takes place each fall.

All kindergarten students are screened through lessons taught by Kindergarten Gifted teachers.

  • Lessons take place in the regular classroom during normal school days.
  • The lessons take approximately 30 minutes each and focus on students' creative and critical thinking abilities.
  • Students who meet at least three out of four lesson criteria will be recommended for further testing.
    • Parents of students who meet the criteria will receive a letter in October requesting to schedule testing.
    • ​Testing takes place in November​ and December.

Students who meet all lesson and testing criteria will be notified in late December that their student is eligible to begin CCL kindergarten in January.

Kindergarten students who reside in the Rockwood School District boundaries but attend a private or parochial school, or who are homeschooled, may be referred by a parent or teacher to determine if a student is eligible for gifted education services. Referral forms can be obtained by contacting the CCL Identification Office. Referred students will be screened and those meeting the screening criteria will be recommended for further testing. Referrals are accepted all year and are screened in the order received. Qualified students begin to receive services at the start of the semester​.

Students who are not present during the screening activities may be nominated by a parent or teacher during the second semester.

  • Forms may be obtained by contacting your child's school counselor or the CCL Identification office. Nominations are due February 1.
  • Only students who were not present for all lessons may be nominated.
  • All students who do not qualify for services will be rescreened during first grade.