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Private Testing Guidelines


​​Families may seek outside testing at their own expense if their child receives a Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) or General Ability Index (GAI) of 125 or higher on the cognitive ability test administered by the district.  It is highly encouraged that parents discuss testing options with a Rockwood Gifted Program (RGP) psychometrist before considering outside testing.

  • Private testing results will only be accepted if the following criteria have been met:
  • The child obtained a FSIQ or GAI of 125 or higher on a cognitive ability test administered by Rockwood Gifted Program staff.  
  • The test is administered by a professional who possesses the appropriate license and/or credentials to administer an assessment (i.e. psychologists, school psychologists, psychometrists or psychiatrists).
  • The Stanford-Binet 5th edition (SB-V) is the only test accepted for consideration that has been administered outside the district.  The FSIQ score must be based upon performance on all ten subtests contributing to the five factors (Fluid Reasoning, Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning, Visual-Spatial Reasoning and Working Memory).
  • Private testing results cannot be considered for kindergarten admission.
  • Private testing results for achievement cannot be accepted.  

Every effort should be made to administer the entire intelligence test in a single session.  If for some reason a single testing session is not possible, then two sessions will be allowed. If the test is administered in two sessions, then they must be held within a two week time period and noted on the records form.  Careful adherence to the administration and scoring procedures outlined in the testing manuals is essential.

If your child has been administered the SB-V in the past, at least one year must elapse between administrations.

Results from the test must be sent by the testing professional to the identification office and cannot be accepted from a parent/guardian.  A copy of the cover of the test protocol should be included, along with a brief summary of the test results.  A diagnostic interpretation is not needed.

​The Rockwood Gifted Program's testing guidelines are designed to maintain fair and equitable procedures for identifying students for the program.  There will be no deviation from these guidelines without the written permission of the Director of the Rockwood Gifted Program.