• School nurses are in each student building to advance the well-being and academic success of students, specifically through health education and promotion. 

    We are available for emergencies and acute illness care, but also provide chronic health condition management and education and promote student and family capacity for adaptation, self advocacy and management to promote learning.

    We do whatever it takes to keep our students safe, healthy, and ready to learn!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What guidelines are in place for foods provided to students?

  • Why do you require a doctor's note for an over the counter medication?

  • Can my child carry their medication in their backpack?

  • Why do you need my child's immunization record?

  • Why do you need a physical for my student?

  • How sick is too sick for school?

  • Can my child bring cough drops to soothe a cough?

  • What do I do if my child has head lice?

  • What are the guidelines for recess and P.E. outdoors?

Contact Information

Wellness and Health Services

.​​111 East North Street Eureka, MO 63025-1229

Did You Know?

  • If parents want to know what ingredients are used in the school lunches, contact the Rockwood dietitian.

    Cafeteria managers enter student allergens into our point of sale program. When the student scans his/her finger or enters the student ID, a message pops up alerting the cashier to the student's food allergies.

    Rockwood staff members have mandated food allergy management training which covers avoidance, cross contamination, symptoms and treatment. All teachers and nurses leave detailed information for any substitutes they may have during the school year.