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Constitution and By-Laws


Amended and Adopted March, 2015 

Article I – Name 

The “Lafayette Lancer Band Boosters” is a Lafayette High School parent-oriented organization. 

Article II – Objective 

Objectives of the organization include: 

  • ​Stimulate community and district interest in Lafayette Lancer bands.
  • Encourage band member accomplishments by supporting band student activities. 
  • ​Assist Band Director(s) in adhering to school policies. 
  • Financially support band programs not included in Board of Education appropriations. 

Article III – Membership 

  1. All members are encouraged to volunteer, which is essential to Band Booster success.
  2. Members include:
    Parents and legal guardians of current Lancer Band Program students. 
    Lancer Band Program alumni students and parents volunteering in special events and fundraising activities. 
  3. ​​Lafa​yette administrators are welcome at all Lancer Band meetings and functions.

Article IV – Officers  

  1. Office titles:
    Co-Chairpersons (two)
    Assistant Treasurer 
  2. Steps for elections held during each April’s General Membership Meeting:
    Nominating Committee submits a slate of prospective officer candidates.
    Co-Chairpersons entertain floor nominations.
    Majority vote among present membership determines election.
    Newly elected officers replace the incumbents June 1. 
  3. Terms:
    Limited to one-year duration.
    Individual office tenure cannot exceed two consecutive years. 

​​Article V – Officer Duties  

  1. Co-Chairpersons (two):
    Preside at Executive Committee and General Membership Meetings.
    Act as ex-officio members of each Band Booster committee.
    Audit Band Booster operations consistent with existing bylaws.
    Are responsible for Band Program promotion at Lafayette and Rockwood middle schools.
    May be spouses.
  2. Secretary:
    Records minutes from Executive Committee and General Membership Meetings.
    Presents minutes at next Executive Committee and General Membership Meetings.
  3. Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer:
    ​Provide written financial reports and complete statement of financial activities at every Executive Committee and General Membership Meeting.
    Assure Band Booster financial integrity.  Co-Chairperson, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer names shall be on Band Booster checking account.  Two signatures required on checks exceeding $500.
    Prepare tax and reporting forms, which may be delegated to an external accredited financial entity upon preapproval of Band Boosters.
    Transfer funds from special projects to Band Booster checking account.  

Article VI – Executive Committee  

  1. Responsible for:
    Coordinating Band Booster activities and policies under guidance of Band Directors, committee chairpersons and general membership.  Policies subject to approval of Lafayette Principal and Band Directors.
    Coordinating with Band Directors to establish Band Booster standards, operating budgets, and chart of accounts. 
    Auditing performance of Band Booster operating budgets against expenditures.
    Assuring year-end tax statements are filed.
    Providing a written statement documenting current expenditures to budget, highlighting variances at all Executive Committee meetings.
  2. Members consist of:
    Five officers named in Article IV
    Color Guard parent representative – Represents interests of Lafayette Color Guard:
    Assists Color Guard Director in informing Executive Committee of needs and activities, and coordinating Color Guard events.
    Selected following announcement of squad.
  3. Voting members of the Executive Committee shall consist of the positions so named in Article VI, Section 1 and shall cast one vote each.
  4. Executive Committee meetings:
    Held monthly unless deemed otherwise by Executive Committee quorum.
    Each immediately followed by General Membership summary meeting, followed by solicitation for new business. 
  5. Band Directors may veto organization actions deemed detrimental to best interest of Lafayette students.  Vetoes resulting in impasses between the Executive Committee and Band Directors may be appealed to Lafayette Principal or appropriate administrator.  
  6. Midterm vacancies shall be filled by majority election of members present at a regular or special Executive Committee meeting.  Executive Committee members are appointed for the term of elected Band Booster officers.  
  7. Successor Executive Committee members appointed under Article VI, Section 6, shall serve only through the remainder of the term.  Such persons shall be eligible for nomination and reelection to a full term of office, subject to conditions and limitations under Article IV, Sections 1, 2 and 3.

Article VII – Committees 

  1. Standing Committees represent on-going Band Booster activities.  Each is chaired by a Band Booster member appointed by the Co-Chairperson and approved by a majority of the voting Executive Committee present at a regular or called Executive Committee meeting.
  2. Standing committees include: 

Contest of Champions:  Plans, organizes and oversees the annual marching band competition invitational fundraiser.  

Advertising:  Coordinates selling corporate sponsorships, stadium and event signage, and the advertising and production of the Contest of Champions program. 

Fundraising: Coordination of miscellaneous fundraisers including sales, accounting and distribution of shopping cards to assist in Band Boosters fundraising efforts. Also helps to coordinate marching band lanyard production and sales at the beginning of each new band season.      

Marketplace Craft Fair:  Plans, organizes and oversees the Band Booster boutique fundraising event held during the late-Fall shopping season.  

5K Race for the Arts:  Plans, organizes and oversees the Band Booster 5K fundraising event held during the spring.

Publicity/Web Site:  Coordinates the Band Booster website and media coverage of band events and publicizes band information. 

Hospitality/Newcomer/Recruitment:  Provides activities for prospective eighth grade students to provide a glimpse of the band program.  Coordinates Spring outreach to parents of prospective eighth grade band students, newcomers’ night activity prior to July band camp meeting, and enlists volunteers to serve refreshments after concerts throughout the year. 

Band Camp:  Plans, organizes and oversees marching band summer camp for marching band members, Band Directors and chaperones. 

Uniform Committee:  Coordinates accessory orders prior to marching band season. Fits and distributes marching band uniforms and accessories prior to the season.

Tuxedo Committee: Fits students in Concert and Symphonic Bands with tuxedos and coordinates distribution. Addresses occasional needs during season, and coordinates collection and cleaning after season. 

Concessions:  Plans, organizes and oversees concessions activities for key Band Booster fundraising events. 

Funnel Cakes: Plans, organizes and oversees funnel cake sales. Purchases and inventories supplies, and trains new volunteers on stand set up and preparation of funnel cakes.

Equipment:  Plans, organizes and oversees transportation of equipment for band camp and competitions.  May include the renting and driving of truck and/or trailer.  Coordinates volunteers and/or students for loading, unloading and moving equipment.

Nominating:  Establishes slate of officers for approval of Executive Committee. 

Scholarships:  Plans, organizes and oversees Band Booster scholarship program.  Makes scholarship applications available to senior band and Color Guard members.  Ensures scholarship awards are administered to recipient’s college/university. 

Band Recognition: Plans, organizes and oversees this end-of-year program.  Coordinates with senior students in planning the program’s content. 

Props/Scenery:  Coordinates with Band Directors on design of marching band props, volunteers for construction, and volunteers for moving on and off competition fields. 

Team Building:  Plans, organizes and oversees team building events designed to promote camaraderie, cohesiveness, team spirit, friendship and self-esteem among band members and their families. 

Spirit Wear:  Makes available branded clothing items for band members and parents, and ordering of uniforms, shoes and gloves. 

Fall Color Guard, Winter Color Guard, Winter Percussion & Theater Liaison: Coordinates with Band and/or Color Guard Directors. 

Historian:  Maintains photographic records, event information and quotes throughout the school year. 

Volunteer Coordinator: Organizes staffing sign-ups for any event requiring volunteers and leads a volunteer kick-off campaign at the beginning of each school year.

3.  ​Ad hoc committees for non-routine or non-annual activities may be instituted by the Co-Chairperson (e.g., trip coordinator). 

4.  Standing Committee Chairpersons will be appointed for the term of elected Band Booster officers and hold office until successors installed. 

5.  Special Committees may be appointed as required by Co-Chairperson, subject to the conditions and limitations under Article VII, Section 1.  Recommendations of the Executive Committee will be considered in determining the need and scope of activities for Special Committees.  Special subcommittees may be appointed as deemed necessary by the supervising Committee.

6.  Special Committee members will serve for the time of appointment until expiration of the term of the current Executive Committee.

Article VIII – Quorum for Meetings 

  1. Seven voting members constitute an Executive Committee meeting quorum. 
  2. Members present constitute a quorum at regular or special General Membership meetings.

Article IX – Scholarships 

  1. The Lafayette Band Booster College Scholarship Fund was established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to a deserving graduate of The Lafayette Band Program.
  2. The amount of the scholarship is a one-time $2,000 award.   
  3. Scholarship funds may be used by the recipient for tuition, books and fees directly related to course requirements, or dormitory housing. 
  4. The Scholarship applicant must be a graduating senior of Lafayette High School, an active participant in the Lafayette Band Program, show proof of acceptance to an accredited college or university, proof of academic achievement (GPA) and ACT/SAT score, and submit two character reference letters. 
  5. The Scholarship Processing Committee Chairman is appointed by the Executive Committee to serve a one-year term.  The Chairman is responsible for the selection of at least four members for the Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee shall be comprised of persons not associated with the Lafayette High School Music Department or Lafayette High School.  The Scholarship Processing Committee members may not have an eligible student as an applicant.  
  6. The Scholarship Processing Committee makes application forms and requirements available to students, recruits Selection Committee members, recommends funds dispersal, notifies Director of recipient, and notifies Booster Chairman of recipient for presentation of award at band banquet. 

Article X – Expenditure of Funds 

  1. “Expenditure of funds” is the basis for spending Band Booster funds.  It provides for budget control, monitoring and use.
  2. Each major Band Booster activity or fundraiser must have an operating budget approved by the Executive Committee for the new operating year. 
  3. All established budgets must adhere to the standard Band Booster Chart of Accounts.  All budget revisions must be approved by Executive Committee prior to commitment of funds.
  4. Occasionally, unforeseen expenses arise with no opportunity to approve funds through normal voting procedures. As an example, there may be no timely Boosters meeting scheduled prior to needing funds. In those emergency cases, funds up to $500 may be approved by agreement between the Director of Bands, Boosters Co-Chair, and Boosters Treasurer. Payments approved in this manner will be reported at the next scheduled Boosters meeting.
  5. In appreciation for the opportunity to raise funds through football concessions, an annual gift is given by Band Boosters to the Lafayette Lancer Football Team. The gift is equal to 7% of concession stand profits from football concessions, and donated to the team once those profits are calculated. Concession profits from non-football band events are not to be included when calculating this gift.
  6. The Treasurer shall disperse only those funds that are shown in an existing, Executive Committee-approved operating budget or those funds approved on an individual basis by the Executive Committee. 
  7. The Treasurer shall consolidate all operating budgets into a single Band Booster Operating Budget for use at Executive Committee meetings.  This consolidated Budget shall provide the basis for making any additional funding year decisions. 

Article XI – Trip Policy 

  1. This article covers the level of funding support the Band Booster organization provides for Band Directors and chaperones during band sponsored trips. 
  2. Band Boosters will pay “major holiday band trip” identified expenses, as determined by the Executive Committee, for Band Directors and their spouses.  Expenses associated with Band Director children and/or invited guests are the responsibility of the Band Director. 
  3. Band Boosters will pay “other than major holiday band trip” identified expenses, as determined by the Executive Committee, for Band Directors only.  Expenses associated with Band Director spouse, children and/or invited guests who accompany the Band Director on a trip other than a “major holiday band trip” are the responsibility of the Band Director. 
  4. The Band Boosters shall pay identified trip expenses, as determined by the Executive Committee, based upon available Band Booster funds, for Band Booster active members who are designated as trip chaperones for any Band trip.
  5. Band Director trip accounts are permitted for use by Band Directors to raise funds for use on the “major holiday band trip” only.  Fundraisers such as garage sales, pizza sales, car washes, etc. may be used to raise trip funds.

Article XII – Adoption of Amendments 

  1. Amendments to the constitution and bylaws will be effective and govern the organization and activities of the Lafayette Lancer Band Boosters upon completion of the following:
    Approval of majority of Executive Committee. 
    Approval of Lafayette High School administration.
    Development of slate of officers.
    ​​Approval of a majority of persons present at a general meeting of parents or guardians of the Lafayette High School Lancer Band members.