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Lafayette High
 Blevins Elementary and Lafayette High were honored as 2019 National Schools of Character Washington Post America's Most Challenging High School

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2019-2020 New HS Flex Schedule

August 2, 2019

​New High School Flex Schedule 


Beginning this year, all four high schools in Rockwood will be implementing a new high school schedule. This new schedule will include Flex Time on A and C days to allow students the opportunity to meet with their teachers during the day for academic assistance and to take care of other individual needs. Flex Time will not begin until the second week of school, Thursday, August 22nd, to allow teachers and administrators time to communicate to our students' opportunities and expectations for Flex Time.  We are excited about the options this new schedule will provide to meet our students' needs during the school day by providing equal opportunity and access to resources. The first week of school will be AABCA, with traditional lunch shifts scheduled as we transition to Flex Time.

​​ If you have any questions please contact your grade level administrator with any questions.