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Dr. Mehrotra - Class of 2020

Parking Instructions for 2nd Semester

December 31, 2019 Parking Permanent Link to Post



Student parking permits for the Second Semester 2019-2020 school year are available for purchase.  Sales will continue throughout the school year until the lot is full.  


**  No permit will be issued to anyone with outstanding fines.  **

**  Students MUST possess a valid Driver’s License when completing Parent Pay Online Parking Application.  **


  • Two students may share a parking space, but each student must complete a separate Parking Permit Application online, and both students must pay by cash or check only.  Both parking applications must be completed online before payment can be made and permit issued.

  • Temporary permits will be sold on a day-to-day basis.  The cost for the daily permit is $5.00. Temporary permits may be purchased in Room 261. 

  • The Parking Permit Application must be completed online through PARENT PAY ONLINE which can be accessed through the LHS website.  If you opt to pay via check or cash, you must still complete the PARENT PAY ONLINE and choose the ‘Parking Permit Application Only’ (aka ‘zero pay’) option.  This will allow you to complete the required information necessary to complete your parking permit purchase and then pay with cash or check in Room 261.


  1. PARENT PAY ONLINE:  You may access Parent Pay Online from LHS website under “For Parent” category.

  1. To sign in, use ‘Returning Users Login’ User Name = 10 digit student ID.  Password = last name in all CAPITALS.  

    1. Click on the student that the permit is being purchased for.

    1. Click on Shop: Items At Student’s School.

    1. Click on Categories:  Parking.

    1. If you plan on paying online, click on Parking Permit Application with Payment Amount $40.00 ‘Buy’.  If you are NOT paying online, click on the second option of Parking Permit Application Only 0.00 ‘Buy’.

    1. Click on Checkout.

    1. Whether you are paying online or not, you must click on Checkout Step 1: Additional Info.  This will allow you to enter the necessary information that must be completed before a permit may be issued.

    1. When finished entering your information, click on Checkout Step 2: Payment.

    1. If you are paying online, you will be asked for your payment information.  If you are paying in person, the next screen will show COMPLETE. You do NOT need to print your receipt for the office – this is for your information only.

  1. Once you have completed the Parent Pay Online form, you will be able to pick your parking space during all 3 lunch shifts in the Commons on the first day after the break, January 6.  

  1. You must have your Driver’s License with you when choosing your parking space.  If you did not pay online, check or cash in the amount of $40 for the 2nd semester permit will be due prior to choosing your parking space and receiving your permit.


Dr. Mehrotra - Class of 2020