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2020-2021 LHS Parking Information

August 5, 2020 Parking Permanent Link to Post

2020-2021 LHS Parking Pass - All students will be able to park on campus while we are in the hybrid in-person schedule with no charge. We know many of you have already paid for a parking pass. Once we return to full, five-day attendance, we will reinstate our parking pass process for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, and information regarding that process and prorated payments and reimbursements will be sent when appropriate.  All students parking on campus must have a valid license and be an insured driver.  Student drivers will be expected to adhere to all school and district policies on the parking lot.  For more information on parking, please click here.

2020-2021 LHS Parking Information

August 3, 2020 Parking Permanent Link to Post

Below please find information regarding instructions to apply online for a parking permit.


Student parking permits for 2020-2021 are available for purchase beginning April 27, 2020 Parent Pay Online will remain open throughout the summer.  Students will choose their space during the first week of school, date to be determined.  Sales will continue throughout the new school year until the lot is full.  

** No permits will be issued to anyone with outstanding fines.  **

** Students MUST possess a valid Driver’s License when completing Parent Pay Online Parking Application. **

  • Two students may share a parking space, but each student must complete a separate Parking Permit Application online, and both students must pay by cash or check only.  Both parking applications must be completed online before payment can be made and permit issued.

  • Temporary permits will be sold on a day-to-day basis.  The cost for the daily permit is $5.00.  Temporary permits may be purchased in Room 261. 

  • The Parking Permit Application must be completed online thru the PARENT PAY ONLINE which can be accessed through the LHS website.  If you opt to pay via check or cash, you must still complete the PARENT PAY ONLINE and choose the ‘Parking Permit Application Only’ (aka ‘zero pay’) option.  This will allow you to complete the required information necessary to complete your parking permit purchase and then pay with cash or check in Room 261.


Beginning April 27, 2020 complete the online Parking Permit Application via PARENT PAY ONLINE on the LHS website.  

PLEASE NOTE: if you opt to not pay online, you must still complete the Parking Permit Application thru PARENT PAY ONLINE and choose the ‘Parking Permit Application Only’ (aka ‘zero pay’).  This will allow you to complete the Application and pay with cash or check in Room 261.  Payment must be made prior to choosing your space. 

PARENT PAY ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS:  You may access Parent Pay Online from LHS website.  Once you have clicked on the Parent Pay Online button, follow the steps below:

  1. Use ‘Returning Users Login’ User Name = 10 digit student ID.  Password = last name in all capitals.  

  2. Click on the student that the permit is being purchased for.

  3. Click on Shop: Items At Student’s School.

  4. Click on Categories:  Parking.

  5. If you plan on paying online, click on Parking Permit Application with Payment Amount $80.00 ‘Buy’.  If you are NOT paying online, click on the second option of Parking Permit Application Only 0.00 ‘Buy’.

  6. Click on Checkout.

  7. Whether you are paying online or not, you must click on Checkout Step 1: Additional Info.  This will allow you to enter the necessary information that must be completed before a permit may be issued.

  8. When finished entering your information, click on Checkout Step 2: Payment.

  9. If you are paying online, you will be asked for your payment information.  If you are paying in person, the next screen will show COMPLETE.  You may click on this and then proceed to print your ‘receipt’ which is all of the information you just entered.  You do NOT need to print this for the office – this is for your information only.

You must have your Driver’s License with you when choosing your parking space.

If not paying online, check or cash in the amount of $80 for the full year permit 

will be due prior to choosing your parking space.

2020-2021 LHS Parking Lot Policy

August 3, 2020 Parking Permanent Link to Post


  1. Parking at Lafayette High School is a privilege afforded to students possessing a valid driver’s license.

  2. Parking on neighboring streets surrounding LHS is prohibited.

  3. Students are responsible for their parking permits at all times.  If the permit is misplaced, lost or stolen, the school will not replace the permit or issue a refund.  A replacement permit may be purchased at the established rate.  

  4. Permits are not prorated throughout the year.  

  5. Parking permits must be visibly displayed in vehicles at all times when on the school parking lot. 

  6. Students must park in student designated areas, no parking in Visitor or Staff parking spaces.  Maps of designated areas are posted in Room 261.

  7. Loitering is not permitted in the parking lot before or after school.

  8. Students may park in marked spaces only.  Parking along curbs is prohibited. 

  9. Students who need to go to their cars during the school day must first obtain permission from an administrator and be escorted to their cars.  Students leaving the building without permission are considered truant.

  10. Students leaving campus before the school day ends, must have received a valid office pass or they will be considered truant.


  1. Parking permits are non-transferable.  Permits may only be used by the person(s) to whom it is issued, and for only family owned vehicles that are properly registered.  Misuse of the permit will result in the permit being suspended or revoked and possible school discipline.

  2. Your parking permit must be displayed forward from the rearview mirror; students will be issued a violation and fined $10, $20 or $30 progressively if the permit is not displayed properly.  Continuation of parking violations may result in a ticket being issued by the St. Louis County Police for illegal parking or disciplinary action by LHS administrat

  3. Your parking permit may be suspended or revoked, a fine charged and/or school discipline received for the following infractions.

  1. Possession of any form of e-cigarette and any associated paraphernalia and drugs and/or alcohol on your person, in your vehicle, or on school property.

  2. Reckless driving; either on the parking lot or on the streets surrounding LHS.

  3. Illegal or unauthorized use of the parking permit.

  4. Speeding; anything over 10 mph.

  5. Failure to stop when directed by school personnel.

  6. Improper parking or parking in restricted areas.

  7. Driving in any manner that could endanger the safety of any person in the parking lot. 

  8. Consistently being tardy to school.

  1. The administration reserves the right to revoke a permit at any time. 


  1. All rules for single parking permit apply to shared parking permits.

  2. Only two students are allowed to share a parking permit.

  3. An application must be submitted by both students sharing a permit. 

  4. Payment must be made in full before either parking permit is issued to the students.  Each student will receive their own permit for their vehicle.  

  5. Only one car will be allowed on the lot each day.  If both students must drive on the same day, then one must purchase a daily permit and park in the overflow parking spaces, 297-309.  Daily permits may be purchased in Room 261.

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