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Lafayette High
 Blevins Elementary and Lafayette High were honored as 2019 National Schools of Character Washington Post America's Most Challenging High School

17050 Clayton Rd, Wildwood, MO 63011 | Phone (636) 733-4100 | Fax (636) 733-8819

Board Members

 Executive Board Members

Kristina ShortPresident636-778-9871 Send an Email
Rebecca Long2nd Vice-President314-614-4797 Send an Email
Joanne Minton2nd Vice-President630-788-1535 Send an Email
Carren RoganTreasurer636-485-9025 Send an Email
Amber HughesSecretary816-810-6528 Send an Email
Nicole Turner12th Grade Director425-281-6221 Send an Email
Shannon Whillhite12th Grade Director314-640-4655 Send an Email
Sara Behl11th Grade Director314-368-3938 Send an Email
Mary Beth Brown11th Grade Director636-346-2620 Send an Email
Julie Dobson10th Grade Director314-498-9857 Send an Email
Anita Shawke10th Grade Director636-484-2244 Send an Email
Tonia Stauss9th Grade Director636-288-4215 Send an Email
Karri Johns9th Grade Director314-265-5663 Send an Email

 Committee Chairs

Krista HansenLancers Landing314-520-1656 Send an Email
Lori HueckelLancers Landing269-317-1364 Send an Email
Sharon GoedekeSpiritwear636-346-7219 Send an Email
Vicki ReedSpiritwear630-346-7666 Send an Email
Lizzie MeyerSpiritwear636-594-9594 Send an Email
Michelle McSpaddenMembership314-221-5212 Send an Email
Tamra DeGrawParent Pay636-346-3314 Send an Email
Deborah LazzarettiCommunity Outreach262-308-2019 Send an Email
Deborah LazzarettiCo-Community Events262-308-2019 Send an Email
Julie GordonCo-Community Events847-927-7000 Send an Email
Kristen BlyHospitality314-406-2333 Send an Email
Tracy SohnRegistration636-736-2363 Send an Email
Giovanna LearWebmaster314-520-8858 Send an Email
Lisa BollingerSocial Media314-681-9423 Send an Email
Giovanna LearBuzz Book314-520-8858 Send an Email
Sara RobesonSenior Celebration 2020636-980-7357 Send an Email
Deborah LazzarettiSenior Celebration 2020262-308-2019 Send an Email
TBDMemory Makers: Class of 2020--
TBDTOWC: Class of 2021--
TBDBingo Night: Class of 2022--
TBDWinter Carnival: Class of 2023--
Mary SimsClass Treasurer: Class of 2020314-712-3857 Send an Email
Brenda LuterClass Treasurer: Class of 2021636-448-1571 Send an Email
Alicia McClellanClass Treasurer: Class of 2022203-550-0663 Send an Email
TBDClass Treasurer: Class of 2023--
Kristina ShortLPO Distribution List636-778-9871 Send an Email