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LaSalle Springs Middle
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Caring Schools Community

LaSalle springs Middle School has developed a program that is designed to promote a positive school climate that recognizes the value and importance of every individual student and staff member in our building.  This also reaches to include parents and other outside institutions in the surrounding community.  LSMS believes that Character Education should be integrated throughout the entire school day.  This is not an "add on" program, but rather a way of life for students to develop with the help of parents and LSMS staff. 

To build a strong foundation for our student's character development, we believe that we must begin with the teaching of specific character traits; respect, responsibility, cooperation, honesty, self-control, caring, courage, patience, perseverance/effort, and service.  As we lay this foundation, our students will begin to formulate their own intrinsic moral code of right / wrong, and good / bad.  With the support of the community and involvement of parents, this moral code strengthens and becomes an inherent part of their life-long value system, which is our ultimate goal. 

How the Team Was Asse​mbled

This committee was formed and selected by the building principal from those who volunteered and those who represented each major area of our school.  This is a very active and committed group of people.  The members on the committee have an interest and passion for character education.  We also have parents and students to represent and voice their perspectives.

Charge to the Team (Committee)

The charge to the Character Education Committee is to Inform, Support and Promote character education at LaSalle Springs Middle School.  Goals and objectives are listed in the LaSalle Springs School Improvement Plan (SIP) and are reviewed and updated yearly. 

There are a variety of ways to inform the school of opportunities and to evolove into a stronger school of positive character education.  Projects are taking place in our school each month and semester to reinforce this.  The committee also supports teachers, parents, staff and students as they endeavor to do things in our school that provide an atmosphere and environment of strong character.  The committee also promotes character education ideas and projects on the building, and district, state, and national levels. 

How the Team Functions at LaSalle Springs Middle School 

The committee is made up of a representative body from all aspects of our school.  The committee meets monthly.  During the meetings, programs, activities and projects related to character education are reviewed.  Awards are selected and ideas are shared from the various teams and groups of our school.  Opportunities and information is provided for these representatives to take back to their various groups.  Perhaps most important is the fact that assignments are delegated to members in order to implement the various projects and activities of the school character education program. 

​Team Meetings 

The committee meets at least once per month. The meetings take place the fourth Monday of each month after school at 2:35 p.m. in the library.  A detailed agenda is provided and the group goes over it point by point.  A secretary takes minutes of the meeting and then provides them to each member.  A summary of the meeting (and other important information) is provided to the entire staff in a “Monthly Update.”  The meetings are well attended (with members sending reports if they can’t attend) and last about an hour.  Each meeting is very productive and results in a great deal of activity, character education emphasis, and related projects throughout the school.  We do have a parent representative, but any parent interested in attending the meeting is more than welcome to be a part of the Climate Committee.