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Glory of Missouri Recipients


The Glory of Missouri Award

The Glory of Missouri Award will be a Courtesy Resolution awarded by the Missouri House of Representatives​.  The resolutions are formal documents drafted to recognize a special occasion, an outstanding person or achievement.  The Glory of Missouri Award will be hand-signed by the Missouri House of Representatives and personalized with each student’s name and the according virtue defined below.

2018-2019​​ Recipients​


The Award recognizes 14 students – each representing one of the virtues engraved in the House Chamber that make up the Glory of Missouri.

“All the foregoing human qualities bind into one theme, the Glory of Missouri because no people attain these virtues unless they are great.”

The virtues were engraved between 1922 and 1924 when the Capitol was rebuilt due to a fire.  The definitions of these virtues, and their significance during that time, was diligently sought using the manual written by the Decorating Commission, a Webster’s dictionary of 1926, a synonym dictionary of 1917 and an etymological dictionary from 1924.  Enjoy the relevance and importance of these virtues to the early Missouri Legislature and apply them to your students.  

The Virtues


Qualifications:  The student qualified for the Knowledge virtue is one whom exemplifies this definition.  The student who receives recognition for this award must not only be book smart, but be aware of the state of information.

Example:  A student who possesses intellectual capabilities beyond his or her years, a student who has demonstrated aware behavior such as a potential valedictorian or a strong student leader.  


Qualifications:  A student in your school who exemplifies Liberty for the Glory Award would be one who demonstrates beliefs in the constitutional freedoms of our country, for example, freedom of expression and speech.  The student qualified for the Liberty virtue is innovative and self-driven as were those who founded our country and colonized our state.

Example:  Newspaper editor, outstanding student in government courses or a leader of a pro-student organization.  


Qualifications:  A student in your school who exemplifies Equality demonstrates fairness in opportunity.  The student leads this virtue by example and action.

Example:  Student leader of a minority organization, a student who promotes equality among his or her peers in a team situation or an advocate-type student who stands for equality in the classroom.  Equality can be promoted among gender, race and disability.


Qualifications:  A student who exemplified the virtue of Law is one who seeks to know the truth and its actions. This student pursues guidelines and boundaries and alters his or her behavior accordingly.   

Example: A student who represents the rules of the school in leadership or example such as an enforcer, like a patrol leader, a member of the student council or a student who is on a standards board or committee. 


Qualifications:  A student who exemplifies the virtue of Justice is one who demon-strates decision and judgment capabilities.  As our system seeks to attain Justice through weighing both sides of an issue or dilemma, this student would be one who is concerned in what is ethical in law and action.  A student who speaks of policies and ideas with consideration of the ramifications for all, not just himself or herself.

Example:  A student who acts responsibly in a difficult situation, a student who excels in leadership, creating a fair and good environment for the students, or a student who has demonstrated a decision made after weighing two sides.


Qualifications:  A student who exemplifies the virtue of Fraternity is one who promotes the togetherness of the student body.  The student who makes his or her school glorious in the area of Fraternity is one who can demonstrate an attitude of cohesion and friendliness.

Example:  A student well-liked for his or her humble promotion in the advancement of other students, a student who is not a social butterfly but is a social leader, or a leader in athletics who promotes not himself or herself in competition but the success of the entire team.


Qualifications: A student who exemplifies the virtue of Education is one who stands for the ideals of the process.  One who demonstrates the influence and perpetuation of information as they shape and define who he or she becomes.

Example:  A student interested in education, a student aide or president of the National Honor Society.


Qualifications:  A student who exemplifies the virtue of Progress is one who promotes positive changes in the school or community – whether it be an adjustment in rules or regulations or the leader of a new student organization.   This student is one who takes your school or community beyond the present and sends it moving forward into an era of change.

Example:  Any student leader who has dared to bring a new program or fundraiser to your school, or a student leader in project graduation or other ground-breaking programs

that work to promote the betterment of students and communities of today.  


Qualifications:  A student who exemplifies the virtue of Honor is one of integrity and faithfulness -- a student who embodies a still sense of truth and virtue.

Example:  A student who has demonstrated an act of unwavering integrity, a student who volunteers his or her effort behind the scenes, or a student who portrays loyalty when there is little or no personal gain or recognition.


Qualifications:  A student who is in constant pursuit of the Truth represents its virtue.  This student is one who perseveres until the ultimate answer is revealed.

Example:  A student who always wants to know why, why, WHY; a student who will not give up until he or she reaches the solution or answer to the problem or question, or a student who demonstrates truth regardless of the consequences.


Qualifications:  A student who exemplifies Virtue is one of outstanding moral character.  This student not only conducts himself or herself with moral excellence, this student stands for moral excellence.

Example:  A student who behaves morally despite pressure from peers, a student who leads a religious or other moral-shaping organization or a student athlete who conducts himself or herself in a moral manner – on and off the court, field, etc.


Qualifications:  A student who exemplifies the virtue of Temperance is one who demonstrates moderate behavior – one who rarely gets worked up over situations, one who can remain clam in threatening situations.

Example:  A student negotiator, a student in speech and debate who never loses their cool and competes and works with steadiness or a student who has an even-keel personality and pursues goals one step at a time.


Qualifications:  A student who deserves the award of the virtue of Enterprise demonstrates the innovative and creative energy described in the definition.  The virtue of Enterprise represents the forefront in management ability and technique.

Example:  A student entrepreneur who has taken on a project outside of school, a student who has sold products (legally and authentically) that promote, but not interrupt, the scholastic process -- or a student with bright ideas and the courage to carry the project through.


Qualifications:  A student who exemplifies the virtue of Charity is one who is a true philanthropist.  This student is willing to even the score with those less fortunate or those who are in need.  This virtue of Charity can be abstract or concrete in the student’s behavior.

Example:  A student who volunteers in programs offered by the school or in the community; a student member of Key Club or a student who is the one always willing to loan a piece of paper.​