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LaSalle Springs Middle
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PRIDE Pack Cards


At LaSalle Springs Middle School our universal expectations align with five character traits that we value in school and life: (1) Proactivity, (2) Respect, (3) Integrity, (4) Determination and (5) Engagement. We refer to these as our PRIDE expectations.

To reinforce these expectations, staff members provide students with PRIDE Pack cards for demonstrating PRIDE. Cards are signed by students and placed in a special container located in the cafeteria. At the end of each week, 15 cards are randomly drawn from the container. Based upon the information provided on the PRIDE Pack card at the time it was issued, selected students are eligible to participate in one of the following lunch reward days:

  • Monday: Front of the line cafeteria pass for the week​
  • Tuesday:  VIP lunch with two friends in our special lounge seating area
  • Wednesday: Freezer treat​
  • Thursday: Use of electronic devices with a friend during lunch
  • Friday: Serve as DJ for the cafeteria (i.e., choose the songs played during lunch)

In addition to the individual incentives available through this lottery, when the container reaches 3,000 cards, all students will participate in a special school wide reward.