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LaSalle Springs Middle
 Blevins Elementary and Lafayette High were honored as 2019 National Schools of Character Missouri Gold Star School National Blue Ribbon School

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Service Learning Information


​What is Service Learning?

Service learning is a more in-depth way for students to connect to and give back to, our community.  As we continue our journey as a school of character, we want our students to learn to take the initiative and develop ideas on thier own that with teacher guidance, not only help others around them, but also help each student involved reflect and grow as a young adult. 

The document in PDF form is a guideline for staff and students as they begin to think about a project that could be considered as a service learning activity.  Students are also encouraged to discuss with staff mambers any ideas that they haev that could be developed into service learning projects.  Student voice and choice is a major component to this activity! 

​Service learning is more of a process, and takes additional time and committment from students, staff, and parents.  We at LaSalle Springs hope that the ultimate payoff is that each person involved gains a new appreciation for how a project such as this can help both themselves and those around them.