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LaSalle Springs Middle
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Teacher Recognition Programs

We have a wide variety of recognition programs that are designed to give our staff a "pat on the back" much the same way we do with our students.  We are fortunate to have a building with so many dedicated and wonderful teachers, and the CSC program is designed to recognize all of the extra time and work they put into making this school a great environment for our students to learn and develop.  

Here are a just a few ways we say "Thank You" to the LSMS staff:

Gold Cup Award

Teachers nominate and vote upon a staff member who has demonstrated outstanding effort in their support and demonstration of character education at LaSalle Springs.  The teacher receives a gold cup trophy to display in their room for the month they receive the award, and the​ cup is passed from teacher to teacher during the course of the school year.  Typically one staff member will be selected per month. 

"Home Run Hero" Award

Tea​chers are able to recognize a staff member during monthly staff meetings who has gone above and beyond with their work and ability to help LaSalle Springs improve as a school.  This is not limited to character education, and can include recognition for work in curriculum, collaboration, among other school areas. The recipient gets to sign the "home run hero bat" on display in the trophy cases in the main hall.  Typically one staff member will be selected per month.  

"Paw on the Back"

Teachers also can recognize each by presenting their peers with lapel pin paw prints.  This is similar to the student "Wildcat Wow" concept.  This provides teachers the opportunity to "catch" staff as well as students doing good things at LSMS.  Teachers can announce who they would like to recognize and why they are presenting them with a paw print.  Teachers can present more than one paw print to various teachers.  Teachers can also receive more than one paw print from a variety of teachers.  The paw prints are awarded during staff meetings so we can all applaud each other's efforts during the school year.