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Advanced Placement (AP)

Lafayette High students in Literature class

AP course curriculum and assessments are determined by the AP College Board. Rockwood teachers learn from AP trainers to teach the course, and all syllabi for AP courses must be submitted and approved by the College Board in order for a teacher to teach the course. Each post-secondary institution has its own requirements for accepting AP credit, so it is important for families to research the institutions their child is considering attending for specific details.

AP College Board Course Features

  • Rockwood teachers in Rockwood classrooms
  • Students pay to take the AP test at the end of the year
  • If the student scores a “3” or above on the AP Exam, they may be awarded college credit.
  • Awarding of college credit varies among post-secondary institutions
  • See the AP College Board website for more details
  • Make sure you discuss AP Coursework with your counselor when you review your academic plan