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Rockwood School District

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Career and Technical Education

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Paige Carlson

Coord Career/Tech Ed (Cte)

The Career and Technical Education Curriculum Department focuses on three main areas: business education, family and consumer science and technology education/Project Lead the Way.

Business Education

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The goal of the business education department is to enhance the ability in our students to function effectively in a complex society and face with confidence the challenges that await them. Through their technological and analytical training within their business education courses, students will have a fundamental base from which to develop these skills. It is the charge of the Rockwood School Districts Business Education Department to provide students with the most up to date curriculum that meets the needs and desires of our students and the business community.

Family & Consumer Science

Students baking in their FACS class

The Family and Consumer Science Department provides opportunities for students to think critically, assume responsibility, develop dependability, honesty, and integrity; and become contributing members of society. FACS strengthens families and empowers individuals to take action for the well being of self and others in the home, workplace, community and world. Using an integrated, systemic approach to the relationships among individuals, their families, their communities and the environments in which they function, this course of study will enable students to discover and apply vocational and personal life skills in authentic modes of inquiry.

Technology Education: Project Lead the Way

A teacher instructs a student in Computer Science class

The goal of technology education is technological literacy for all students. Technology is about doing and developing solutions to real-world problems or products that address human needs and desires. Technology education provides a vital link to the math, science, technology triangle to assist with understanding living and working in our advanced technology-driven Information Age. Its interdisciplinary nature and process orientation also helps students to comprehend and apply these concepts in the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences and humanities.

Computer Science

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The Computer Science curriculum empowers students to develop problem-solving skills through perseverance and critical thinking. These courses foster an open and positive learning environment, encouraging students to delve into questions, present diverse perspectives, and explore solutions. The courses cover a spectrum of Computer Science topics including hardware, software, networking, programming languages, cybersecurity, and digital citizenship. Students will cultivate collaboration skills as they work with peers to tackle challenges, and they will be well-equipped with foundational skills essential for future opportunities in the field of Computer Science.