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4th Grade String Orchestra Program

The Rockwood fourth grade orchestra program is an extension of the third grade violin class and is open to every student.

  • Orchestra is a graded course requiring a year-long commitment.
  • 4th grade students may select from violin, viola, or cello and must provide their own instruments and accessories. Students in need may request to borrow a school instrument for the year. Requests will be handled on a first come-first served basis.
  • Classes meet twice weekly for 30 minutes during the Specials block during the school day.
  • All students must transport the instrument back and forth to school twice weekly.
  • For continued success, orchestra students should practice at least 60 minutes per week at home.
  • All students in the orchestra will learn how to read music, advance their playing and ensemble skills, and will participate in a concert.

Participation in the orchestra program provides many opportunities for young students to express themselves, learn social skills, and engage in positive peer interactions. It also promotes self- discipline, self-evaluation, and the perseverance needed to meet the rigorous standards held by colleges and universities as well as the global working community.

Orchestra Instrument Options


  • Smallest in the string family
  • Highest pitch
  • Many students love the bright, beautiful tone of the violin.
  • Least expensive rental option


  • Looks like a violin, but has a lower pitch.
  • Many students love the deep, mellow tone of the viola.
  • The rental price is slightly more expensive than the violin.


  • Bigger than violin/viola
  • Played in a seated position
  • Many students love the low, warm cello tone.
  • It can be difficult for some students to carry
  • Most expensive rental option