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Rockwood School District

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Language Arts

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Melissa Schwab

Coordinator Literacy 6-12

Stefanie Steffan

Coord Lit K-5 And Title Prog

Effective communication for the 21st century requires competency in language arts. That is why Rockwood students begin with the essential skills of reading and writing. Language arts curriculum is focused on critical thinking so students can identify, evaluate and solve problems as they learn and grow.

Language Arts Learning Goals in Rockwood

  • Reading: Demonstrate the ability to read, comprehend, and evaluate fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and printed media.
  • Writing: Demonstrate the ability to communicate in Standard English through a variety of formal and informal formats and modes for a variety of purposes.
  • Listening, Speaking, Viewing: Demonstrate the ability to participate in formal and informal situations listening critically and analytically and speaking effectively to communicate ideas and information.
  • Critical Thinking: Demonstrate the ability to identify, evaluate, and solve problems individually or cooperatively.