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Rockwood School District

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Dreambox Learning

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DreamBox is our adaptive computer program that teaches math conceptually, allowing students to visualize math. DreamBox adapts to meet the student's needs, whether it is filling in unfinished learning from previous grade levels or extending learning to new concepts that students are ready for. DreamBox has proven growth when students complete 5 or more lessons a week independently. This program automatically adapts to meet your student's needs based on the lessons they do. DreamBox encourages independence and productive struggle, allowing students to construct their own understanding of the math topics.

To log into DreamBox Learning, your child’s school uses a Single Sign-On (SSO) portal.

  1. Open an internet browser and navigate to Rockwood’s Portal.
  2. Your child will sign-in using their login credentials. This information is set up by the district, so please contact the Help Desk if you have difficulty.
  3. In the Portal, select the DreamBox Learning icon.
  4. DreamBox will open with the student automatically logged in.