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Math Acceleration

A student solves complex math equations

Acceleration at the different levels involves implications that are important to consider. It is important to read through this information so that you and your child are aware of the implications for your child's math pathway.

Elementary Content Area Grade Skipping

At the elementary level, we work to build a solid mathematical foundation and positive mathematics self-esteem by meeting the needs of each individual student. Just as we do for any subject, teachers differentiate their instruction between students that have unfinished learning, are ready for grade-level material, or need enrichment. Resources are available to help meet all of these needs. On occasion, there are students that need two or more years above grade-level material. In these cases, each spring, data is examined to see if students need to be assessed for subject area grade-skipping.

Criteria for Being Assessed

  • School referral showing that differentiated grade level instruction is not meeting the student's needs
  • 98 percentile or above on Fall AND Winter Star assessments
  • Parent approval for testing

Criteria for Subject Area Grade-Skipping

  • A STAR test scale score greater than 90 percentile 1 year above grade level OR 99 percentile on an additional nationally normalized assessment AND greater than 70% on assessment of standards being skipped
  • Parent Approval

Accelerated elementary students take Integrated Math 6/7 in 5th grade. This course is taught virtually during the elementary school day from a dedicated, highly qualified Rockwood math teacher. Accelerated elementary students continue on to Math 7/8 in 6th grade.

Secondary Acceleration

Acceleration at the secondary level occurs with enrollment in the Integrated Math courses at middle school, and continues through Honors Algebra 2 in high school. Courses at the secondary level cannot be skipped or tested out of as each one builds on the next and contain the foundational skills needed to be successful in Calculus and higher courses.


As students enroll in middle school they are given guidance on which courses they could select based on their current data. If a student wishes to enroll in Integrated Math 6/7 and does not meet the requirements, an online summer course, Ramp Up to 6/7, is offered. After successfully passing this course, students are able to enroll in Integrated Math 6/7.

Learn more about additional summer Ramp-Up courses

The secondary math courses and prerequisites are outlined in the Rockwood Course Catalog.

The graduation requirement for math in Missouri is 3 credits of math. However, colleges and universities may require enrollment in 4 years of math during high school. It is important to know that once a student has completed the math courses that Rockwood offers, students and their parents are responsible for enrolling and fulfilling the transportation and financial obligations for the courses outside of Rockwood. Students should select these courses after careful consideration of the requirements from the post-secondary institution(s) they are interested in attending.