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Rockwood School District

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With Math I Can

What can math do for our kids? Watch students talk about the endless possibilities.

"We want all learners to understand that math is thinking," says Carrie Tomc, elementary math facilitator. "It's more than just getting the right answer. In an age where calculators are readily accessible, we need our young mathematicians to be thinkers and problem-solvers, not just answer-getters."

"Math is much more than memorizing formulas and getting the right solution. Math is creative. It is about learning and understanding, being able to recognize patterns, and knowing how to apply the concepts across disciplines. We want our students to make sense of the math, to explain and justify their work, and to be able to recognize that their mistakes can lead to better learning," according to Marietta Koziatek, the Secondary Math Coordinator.

Rockwood elementary teachers have embraced the "growth mindset" approach to teaching mathematics. It's about taking time, encouraging progress, and accepting and learning from mistakes. With this concept, everyone can learn math at high levels.