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Rockwood School District

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An astronaut above the Earth

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Susanne Moar

Coordinator Science (K-5);Trip Chaperone

Meghan Bray

Coordinator Science (6-12)

Rockwood's science curriculum incorporates critical thinking, analyzing and the practices of science, allowing students to interact, engage and make connections to our world.

Students as Problem Solvers

Science creates a spark in students’ minds. It shows them that they, too, can help solve the world’s big problems. Rockwood’s science classes encourage students to learn in a deep, meaningful way through firsthand investigative experiences. This scientific way of thinking ensures the concepts learned in school will stay with students more than just a day or a week—but for a lifetime.

Students in a Medical Interventions class

College and Career Ready

Our goal is to help students become well-prepared global consumers and citizens, as well as stewards of their environment. As future leaders and inventors, students experience real-world problem solving that enables them to question, investigate and examine the world through a critical lens.

Preparing Children for a STEM-filled World

Students show that family involvement is one of the biggest predictors of success in school. That's why parental involvement is so important. Seek opportunities to explore science at home and in the community with your child. Encourage them to keep asking questions, just like scientists. Let them know you don’t have all the answers, and together try to find them. We also encourage you to get involved at your child’s school and connect with teachers to learn more about changes in science instruction as they occur. Help inspire children by exploring careers in STEM fields.