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Seal of Biliteracy

Missouri Seal of Bilteracy

The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy is awarded to graduating high school students who have demonstrated achievement in English, a language other than English and sociocultural competence.

The Seal of Biliteracy takes the form of a seal that appears on the transcript or diploma of the graduating senior and is a statement of accomplishment for future employers and for college admissions. In addition, the Seal of Biliteracy marks attainment of a high-level of mastery of two or more languages, English and at least one other. The Seal of Biliteracy is intended to promote not only the acquisition of a second language but also the participation in a global society and economy, a measure of sociocultural competence is required of all students earning the Missouri Seal.

There are two levels: the Missouri Seal and the Distinguished Missouri Seal. They are awarded based on language proficiency.

Assessment Missouri Seal Distinguished MO Seal
AAPPL Intermediate 3 (I-3) in each domain Advanced (A) in each domain
AP Language and Culture Exam 3 or higher 5

English Proficiency Requirements for Native English speakers and Former English Learners

Assessment Missouri Seal Distinguished Missouri Seal
English II EOC Proficient Proficient
ACT 6 * 18 in English or Reading 21 in English or Reading
WIDA ACCESS 2.0 † 4.0 4.7

* ACT 6 may be used in lieu of ENGLISH II EOC if a student did not score proficient or higher.

† English learners may use their WIDA ACCESS 2.0 score in lieu of English II EOC if they did not score proficient or higher.

Earning a Seal

All Rockwood students studying any of the world's languages are potential Seal candidates. Native English speaking students may acquire the second language through traditional world language classrooms, community-based programs, at home or other experiences. English Learners (ELs) and Heritage language learners are also eligible to apply and may demonstrate their language proficiency through one of the assessments listed above or a portfolio. The portfolio must contain work samples that display proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. If you have any questions about using a portfolio to apply for a Seal of Biliteracy, please contact Jeff Tamaroff using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Students apply using the online application during their senior year. Assessment results must come from the student's junior or senior year in order to satisfy specific university requirements necessary to award credit for prior learning. Students may apply for more than one Seal of Biliteracy.

Why Earn a Seal

The purposes for earning the Seal of Biliteracy Awards are numerous:

  • To encourage the study of a second language
  • To recognize, promote, and praise students for their accomplishment
  • To value diversity
  • To certify attainment of biliteracy skills
  • To provide employers with a method of identifying people with language and biliteracy skills
  • To provide universities with a method to recognize and give credit to applicants for the attainment of high-level skills in multiple languages
  • To prepare students with 21st-century skills that will benefit them in the labor market and the global society
  • To strengthen intergroup relationships and honor the multiple cultures and languages in a community.

Applying for a Seal

Rockwood Seniors may apply for the Seal of Biliteracy during the application window: February 5, 2024 to April 1, 2024.

If you have taken an AAPPL test or an AP Language and Culture test, the application will gather all the information needed so you do not need to remember your scores. You will have to write a short essay as part of the application to display your sociocultural competence. The essay topic is "How does proficiency in more than one language help the community?".


Contact Jeff Tamaroff, Coordinator for World Languages and English Language Learners, at 636-733-2139.