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High School Course Guide

Rockwood offers a wide variety of coursework to provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests and prepare for the future.

Choosing the right courses requires thought and consideration. It is suggested students follow the steps below to guide them in decision-making efforts.

  • Become familiar with each section of this guide. Take time to read the course descriptions that provide specific course information.
  • Attend the school's curriculum night.
  • Talk with the counselor concerning the graduation requirements students have earned, the credits students still need, abilities, interests and future goals.
  • Review course recommendations, prerequisites and enrollment notes to choose courses that are a good match.
  • Seek advice from parents, current teachers, and school counselors to choose courses that support students in reaching future educational and/or occupation goals.

This guide has been prepared to assist you in two ways:

  • Registration
  • Planning for your future so you will be college and career ready.

Academic advisement will take place following the online registration process. During academic advisement, school counselors and students will meet to review course selections and make recommendations based on student educational and vocational goals and present achievement. Changes to course selections may be made at this time.

Please note that course sections are formed based on enrollment requests to accommodate as many student requests as possible. However, some courses ultimately may not be scheduled based on student enrollment.

Registration Reminders

All students must register for classes online through Infinite Campus.

Completed registration forms should be printed, signed by both the student and the parent(s) and returned to the student's Language Arts teacher. If the student does not have a Language Arts class, the form must be submitted to the Guidance Office.

Before students submit their completed registration form, it is important to review the form for the following items.

  • A total of seven courses each semester (14 total) is included
  • Both semesters of a full year course are indicated and the separate course codes for each semester are included.
  • Four alternate courses are included.
  • Students have not enrolled in any courses they have previously passed (see the counselor for verification)
  • Course titles and course numbers have been verified using the course description guide.

Additional Registration Options

  • Students may choose a study hall for one of the classes (Students selecting study hall should be aware of the athletic and activity eligibility requirements for participation)
  • Zero Hour may be available or required for certain courses.
  • Four first-time credit courses are available for summer school: Health, Personal Fitness and Wellness, and Art Fundamentals are offered to students in grades 9-12. Personal Finance is offered to students in grades 10-12. Health and Personal Finance are online classes. Personal Fitness and Wellness and Art Fundamentals are in-person classes.

Personal Plan of Study

Developing a Personal Plan of Study (PPOS, four years of high school plus two years following graduation) provides an opportunity to develop, monitor, and manage your educational plan through a structured, systematic, individual planning system. This process begins in seventh grade and is monitored every year by your school counselor. Feel free to contact your Guidance Office with any questions.