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Rockwood School District

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Middle School Course Guide

Rockwood middle school students have the opportunity to explore a variety of coursework. The middle school years are a great time for students to try new things and grow as they develop their interests and passions. It is also the perfect time to take academic risks, push themselves academically, and learn about something they have never learned before in a safe, caring environment.

The middle school curriculum provides students with the choice to study a wide variety of content areas.

  • visual arts
  • theatre
  • band and choir
  • computer science
  • technology
  • life skills
  • business
  • entrepreneurship
  • world languages

Spend time together reviewing middle school course options as a family. Talk about student interests, passions, and new things they might be considering. Take advantage of the diverse course opportunities to plan a middle school experience that will set your student on a positive path to explore and grow.