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Challenge Courses

What Makes a Challenge Course

What is the difference between a grade-level course and a challenge course? Select a subject to see how they compare in terms of Content Knowledge and Skills, Pace, and Complexity and Difficulty.

What Makes a Challenge Student

Consider these questions.

Families are encouraged to discuss the questions below together. The responses will be used as a part of your enrollment decision-making process. Consider the statements below for each course to help reflect on the mindset and motivation for challenge course work.

If your child agrees with a total of 7 or 8 of the statements below, a challenge course for that content area would probably be a good fit.

Am I choosing challenge for the right reasons?

  1. I have a strong interest in the content.
  2. I enjoy learning advanced skills and thinking deeply about things.
  3. I am willing to persevere through academic challenges.
  4. The opportunity to learn material at a more advanced level is more important to me than my grades.

Do I have the time to commit to challenge academics?

  1. I have time to spend regularly reading and writing complex assignments.
  2. I have time outside the school day to work independently on challenge course work.

Do challenge courses fit my learning style?

  1. I can learn at a faster pace and it does not cause me stress.
  2. I can process and pick up new material at a fast rate.