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How to Register for Classes

2024-2025 Online Course Registration

Dates and other specific information for 2024-2025 course registration will be available soon.

Log On

  1. Log on to Portal with a valid User Name and Password.
  2. Student: User Name is the student's first initial of first name, entire last name and last three digits of student number.
  3. Parent: Log on and select the student for whom courses are being selected.

Course Search

  1. Click the Registration link (top of menu at left).
  2. Click the Course Search tab.
  3. Click the GO button to display all courses.
  4. To search for a particular course, enter a portion of the course name and click the GO button.

Request a Course

  1. Click the course name to select the course.
  2. Grade 7 and 8 students: Choose 4 semester courses or 2 semester courses and 1 year-long course or 2 year-long courses.
  3. Grade 6 students: Choose 8 quarter courses or 4 quarter courses and/or 2 semester courses and/or 1 year-long course or 2 year-long courses.
  4. Grade 6, 7 and 8 students: Choose 2 alternate courses in addition to the above course selections.
  5. Request This Course button: Use to select core and zero hour courses. (scroll down to display buttons)
  6. Request As An Alternate button: Use to select alternate courses.

Remove a Requested Course

Under the Requested Courses heading, select the course name and click the Drop This Request button.

Print Request Summary

Click the Print Request Summary button to print the request. Sign and submit the form to the school counselor.


Request assistance by sending an email message to Infinite Campus Portal Help.

Frequently Asked Questions