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Rockwood School District

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Ramp Up to Math 6/7

Rockwood is committed to ensuring students experience an engaging, rigorous mathematics curriculum that can be personalized to meet individual student needs. As students enter middle school, Rockwood mathematics instruction is intended to build on prior knowledge and develop a deep conceptual understanding of essential mathematics content.

The Ramp Up to Math 6/7 online summer course was developed to better meet student needs and provide families with more options for placement.

This course provides current fifth-graders who want to take Integrated Math 6/7 during 6th grade with an opportunity to practice important prerequisite mathematical concepts and skills to prepare for the Integrated Math 6/7 course.


Students who select Integrated Math 6/7 and have 3 or fewer Developing STAR Math Domains (highlighted in the placement letter) will be automatically enrolled in Ramp Up to Math 6/7 during the course selection process.

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