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How Curriculum is Designed

Rockwood's curriculum writing teams develop our curriculum following a standard process. Curriculum writers develop course and unit documents that support teacher Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in answering four critical questions as they work through the teaching and learning cycle.

What do we want our students to know and do?

Writing teams start by identifying the desired course outcomes based on specific learning standards for each grade level and content area. Teams use the Missouri Learning Standards, and may also include other applicable standards and frameworks that come from a variety of national organizations, such as ACT and The College Board (AP).

A teacher answers the question of one of her students

How will we know if each student has learned it?

Once the course outcomes have been determined, writing teams begin to group standards into units and develop proficiency scales that are used to measure mastery of the course outcomes.

A Eureka High graduate accepts his diploma from the principal at graduation

How will we extend learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

Teams develop lessons and activities to extend and deepen learning for students who have already reached proficiency.

A Rockwood Summit student applies principles of math to a practical project

How will we respond when some students do not learn it?

Curriculum teams develop an assessment plan for the course they are writing. They also plan interventions for students who need extra support for reaching mastery after the teacher has retaught and reassessed the course outcome.

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Opportunities for Feedback

Curriculum teams seek feedback throughout their work in a variety of ways throughout the process.

Parent Surveys
Each curriculum program review includes a survey that is sent to district parents, teachers and students asking for their input.
The Rockwood Learning Council Curriculum Advisory Panel
This group consists of parent representatives from each building in the district. This group meets each semester to receive curriculum updates and provide their feedback on district curriculum teams' work.
Public Review
Each time a piece of curriculum is brought forward to the Board of Education, a public review is scheduled. Any district parent or patron may attend the Public Review to review the district curriculum and provide their feedback.
The Rockwood Learning Council
This group reviews and approves curriculum to be sent forth to the Board of Education for Approval.