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Material Challenges

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The school library media program in Rockwood offers voluntary access to a wide variety of materials because we serve families and students with diverse perspectives.

Rockwood encourages parents to talk with their children about what they choose to read and why and to actively work with their child’s school to express what materials may or may not be appropriate for their individual child. We are committed to partnering with parents to ensure all students have a wide variety of reading materials that are both engaging and appropriate.

At any time, parents may contact their child's librarian to discuss specific books or categories of books that they would prefer their child not check out. The librarian will then include a note in the student's Destiny account so the student is not permitted to check out certain materials based on the parent’s input.

Rockwood has a formal process for challenging learning materials in our classrooms and libraries: Regulation 6241. That process begins with the parent contacting their child's teacher (or librarian) to determine whether the book is available in the library and what access students have to the material. If the parent feels the issue has not been resolved with the librarian, the parent would then contact the building principal to discuss their concerns. If the issue is not resolved with the principal, the principal will provide the parent with the Challenge Materials Form to begin the process of convening a committee to complete the formal challenge process.