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Title I for Nonpublic Partners

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Stefanie Steffan

Coord Lit K-5 And Title Prog

The purpose of Title I.A funding and programming is to serve as an early intervention and academic support for economically deprived students who might otherwise be at risk of performing below grade level in reading during the school year.

Nonpublic schools and students must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for services.

Title I.A Nonpublic School Eligibility Process Overview

  1. August-September: Nonpublic schools determine economic deprivation counts for their school.
  2. September: Nonpublic school administrators attend Rockwood's Fall Consultation and Participation Meeting and Luncheon.
  3. September 15 or earlier: Eligible Nonpublic schools refer eligible students, by submitting one Master Eligibility form with the Individual Title I Student referral form completed for each student.
  4. September: Prior to registering with DESE, nonpublic schools submit registration data to Rockwood, verifying the addresses using Rockwood Maps and Boundaries tool.
  5. October-November: Nonpublic schools register with DESE, reporting the economic deprivation counts determined in August-September. (Economic deprivation counts reported during the October-November registration are used when determining eligibility for the following school year.)
  6. December 1-February 28: Verification by LEA of registration data submitted by nonpublic schools.
  7. April: Nonpublic school administrators attend Rockwood's Spring Consultation and Participation Meeting and Luncheon.
  8. June: Rockwood determines Title I.A served public schools for the following school year.
  9. June-July: Rockwood announces Title I.A served schools and which Nonpublic schools are eligible for services for the following school year.

Title I.A Nonpublic Student Referral Process Overview

  • Nonpublic schools can determine what need or needs they want to target. The need must be based on data.
  • The nonpublic school can define their own eligibility criteria for determining who receives services, but the student must reside within the boundaries of a Rockwood Title I.A served school.
  • The nonpublic school will contact the Rockwood School District Nonpublic Tutor Coordinator with their tutoring needs.
  1. September 15 or earlier: Referral—Nonpublic schools submit Title I Nonpublic School Master Eligibility Form and the Nonpublic Title I Student Referral Forms.
  2. The nonpublic school informs the parent of the referral to Rockwood.
  3. Rockwood will contact the parent to set a date and time to coordinate student needs with tutors.
  4. The nonpublic school principal and parents are notified in writing if the child qualifies.
  5. Tutoring services are provided by highly qualified reading teachers after school hours at select elementary schools in the Rockwood School District.

Eligibility for Title I.A Services Summary

In summary, eligible students:

  1. Attend a nonpublic school that reported students in deprivation who live within the attendance area boundaries of a Rockwood School District designated Title I.A served school, and
  2. Referred student lives within the Rockwood School District Title I.A served school boundaries, and
  3. Are referred to Rockwood by the Nonpublic School, using the Title I Non-Public Master Eligibility form (one for each school), and a Non-Public Student Referral form (one for each student).