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Title II for Nonpublic Partners

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Kimberly Caudill

Kimberly Caudill


The purpose of Title II, Part A is to increase the academic achievement of all students by helping schools and districts improve teacher and principal quality and ensure that all teachers are highly qualified. Title II, Part A provides educational agencies with the flexibility to use the provided funds creatively to address challenges to teacher quality, whether they concern teacher preparation and qualifications of new teachers, recruitment and hiring, induction, professional development, teacher retention, or the need for more capable principals and assistant principals to serve as effective school leaders.


As with any activity that the Rockwood School District carries out for public school teachers, activities supported with Title II, Part A funds that benefit private school teachers must meet the requirements of the statute. For example, activities to be carried out for private school personnel must be secular in nature and based on a review of scientifically based research and must be expected to improve student academic achievement. Professional development activities may include:

  • Develop or improve a rigorous and fair evaluation system and support for teachers, principals and other school leaders
  • Develop and implement initiatives to assist in hiring and retaining effective teachers (including alternative routes to certification as well as new teacher and principal mentoring)
  • Provide evidence based, personalized professional development for teachers and school leaders
  • Develop programs that increase the ability of teachers to teach children with disabilities
  • Provide capacity-building in selecting and implementing formative assessment and use data from such assessments to improve instruction
  • Provide professional development in supporting students who have experienced trauma or with mental illness
  • Provide training to support the identification of gifted students
  • Support instructional services provided by effective school library programs
  • Provide training for all school personnel to recognize and prevent child sex abuse
  • Develop a system to support teachers in providing high-quality instruction in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • STEM leadership training
  • Develop a feedback mechanism to improve school working conditions, including asking for feedback from staff
  • Provide professional learning regarding strategies to effectively integrate rigorous academic content, career and technical education, and work-based learning

Eligible Schools

Nonpublic schools that are within the Rockwood School District boundaries are eligible for Title IIA funds through Rockwood. Eligibility is based upon the school's address, not the address of any given student within the nonpublic school.