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Non-Public School Guidelines for Use of Title IIA Funds

Non-Public schools in the Rockwood School District attendance area may utilize Title IIA funds annually from funds set aside, as designated, and determined by the school's total student population. Non-Public staff members must submit an application demonstrating the criteria listed below. These criteria are listed in Title IIA guidelines for high quality Professional Learning. The Rockwood School District Director of Learning Development will review all private/parochial applications for workshops prior to acceptance.

The Professional Learning requested by non-public schools should be (as required by Title IIA):

  • directly linked to improved student learning
  • directly linked to the building school improvement plan
  • supported by building leadership and a school-wide initiative
  • providing opportunities for sharing, implementation, and follow-up after the workshop
  • secular in nature
  • used to supplement and not supplant state and local funds (cannot use Title II funds for expenditures previously made with your school budget)

Application Criteria

Workshops requested must include one or more of the following criteria (as required by Title IIA):

  • content knowledge related to standards and classroom instruction
  • instructional strategies related to content being taught in the classroom
  • improving classroom management skills
  • a combination of content knowledge and content-specific teaching skills
  • research-based instructional strategies
  • strategies to assist teachers in providing instruction to children with limited English proficiency and/or children with special needs to improve their language and academic skills
  • improving families and other stakeholders in improving the learning of all students
  • strategies for integrating technology into instruction
  • research and strategies for closing achievement gaps between diverse groups of students

Application Process

  1. Submit to Rockwood the completed Non-Public School Application and, if applicable, a Rockwood Request for Advance Travel Approval Multi-Funding Source Form. Include a workshop/resource material description and related costs. Workshop registration fees, hotel, travel expenses, and/or meals (up to $35/day for meals) are allowable reimbursement expenses.
  2. Rockwood will inform you whether or not the conference/workshop application was approved.
  3. Once approved, Rockwood will proceed with the payment option noted on the application. If the school pays and Rockwood reimburses, a Travel Expense Report must be complete and forwarded with the original receipts and proof of attendance (workshop).

All forms and application are submitted to the listed staff member.

Kimberly Caudill