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How to View Nonpublic Allocations

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to provide notice to nonpublic school officials of the allocation of funds for educational services and other benefits that the local educational agencies (LEAs) have determined are available for eligible nonpublic school children.

The ESEA Nonpublic Details report provides the proportionate share prior to any transfer of funds and is available in the electronic Plan and electronic Grants System (ePeGS) for the 2022-2023 School Year for LEAs with an approved 2022-2023 ESEA Consolidated budget application. As noted on the report, the allocation details are based on the original allocation and do not include Title II.A and IV.A transfers or carryover funds. When a LEAs transfers funds from one program to another, the transferred amount become funds of the program to which they are transferred and must calculate equitable service shares based on the total amount of funds after the transfer. See Transferability on Page 13 of the Consolidated Federal Programs Administrative Manual.

Following is the link and directions to view the ESEA Nonpublic Details report in DESE Web Applications under ePeGS.

  1. Go to DESE Web Applications
  2. Select View Public Applications
  3. Under DESE Web Applications, select ePeGS
  4. Using the dropdown list, select the district where the nonpublic school is located and Select
  5. From the navigation on the left, Select Report Menu
  6. On the Funding Application Reports, Select Show, then ESEA Nonpublic Details
  7. Select Year 2022-2023
  8. Under District select your nonpublic school
  9. Select View Report

Allocations are determined on a formula basis and differ by program as outlined below. Enrollment, poverty and participation data are from the 2021-2022 Nonpublic Registration Form. The nonpublic enrollment numbers, economic deprivation numbers AND the economic deprivation method entered by the nonpublic school in the Nonpublic Registration Form had to be accepted by the public school in the Nonpublic Public School Verification in order to be used for allocation purposes.

TITLE I equitable services to eligible nonpublic school children, teachers and other educational personnel and families must be equal to the proportion of funds allocated to participating public school attendance areas based on the number of children from low-income families who reside in those attendance areas and attend nonpublic schools. Title I proportionate share available for equitable services is based on the total amount of Title I funds plus transfers of funds. A sample allocation can be found in the Consolidated Federal Programs Administrative Manual.

TITLE II.A, TITLE III.A and TITLE IV.A equitable services are based on a per-pupil amount available for all public and nonpublic school students enrolled in the area served by the LEA. The LEAs nonpublic schools' allotments are determined by dividing the total Title allocation and transfer funds by the total enrollment of public and nonpublic students. This results in a per-pupil amount. The per-pupil amount is multiplied by the enrollment count in each nonpublic school to get the allocation for that school.

ESEA requires timely and meaningful consultation between public school district personnel and representatives of nonpublic schools. LEAs must notify participating nonpublic schools of their allocation(s). Educational services or other benefits shall be secular, neutral, and non-ideological in nature. If you have questions about the allocations, please contact ESEA Finance at

If you have questions about services, please contact your Federal Programs supervisor.