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Marquette High
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Tutoring and Helping Students Find Success


​​Tutoring Opportunites

Peer Tutoring

Student-to-student tutoring is available in the MHS Library after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:20-4:15 and before school on Wednesdays from 7:20-8:20. Student Tutors will be sitting at tables with a sign that lists their names and areas of expertise that they can help other students with. This is a free program and students are assisted on a first-come-first-served 


Direct Teacher Assistance

While not required, almost all Marquette teachers will meet with students before and/or after school, depending on their other responsibilities (coaching, club sponsorship, family, etc). It is important that students arrange a meeting in advance and then follow through with meeting their teacher at the agreed-upon time. 

Flex Time​

Flex Time is time during the school day in which students may receive tutoring, make up assessments or missed work, attend club meetings, eat lunch, or choose from a variety of offered activities. Flex Time is designed to allow students to have a choice in how to best achieve academic success and enrichment.

  • On A days, Flex will be from 11:48 a.m. - 12:48 p.m.
  • On C days, Flex will be blocked and will be from 11:40 a.m. - 1:41 p.m.  The cafeteria will stop serving food at 1:05 p.m.
​​​A schedule of what offerings teachers will be providing can be found by clicking on The Flex Schedule link​.

​​Private Tutoring Opportunities

Many current and former Marquette teachers offer to tutor students outside of school for pay a mutually agreed upon rate (generally $45-$60 an hour) in a public place. This is a great opportunity for students who need significant one-on-one help outside the school day. A list of teachers who provide these services can be found by clicking here​. Please note: It is considered a conflict of interest for a teacher to tutor a current student. 

Another option available to families is Parkway-Rockwood ​Community Education's Tutor Connect Program. The hourly rate for this program is $49.50. More information can be found by clicking here​.

ACT Tutoring

  • ​Marquette offers an ACT prep class​​ before most major ACT exams (5 or more a year) for sophomores-seniors (students need at least 1 year of Marquette core classes finished before they take these, so 9th graders are not eligible). 
  • Comprehensive ACT prep classes cost $100 and include a pretest and diagnostic score report; a textbook; over 20 hours of instruction/4+ weeks; & a review class.  These sessions provide an AM or PM session option. This is by far the best type of prep class for growth; it is also a great value!
  • Free ACT prep classes: offer anywhere from 5-15 hours of instruction (no pretest, no textbook) before the Sept. & June ACT exams. Additionally, a 1 week “Mini” Review is often offered for free before the MHS April ACT for 3rd-year students. Free classes are only offered in the AM/during zero hour. Free classes fill up fast; register in Guidance.
  • -About 2 months before the national ACT date, registration information is published: online at the Marquette website, on MHS bulletin boards and TV announcements, in Guidance, etc.

​PSAT Tutoring​

  • For students who are gearing up for the junior academic competition of a PSAT, all Marquette students are welcome to join a PSAT prep class after school in the fall. 
  • The cost is under $80 and it includes a textbook and almost 20 hours of instruction. Classes typically meet twice a week to learn the format of the PSAT and practice strategies for the different subject areas.  Sorry, Marquette currently does not offer SAT prep classes.

​For more information about ACT or PSAT Prep Classes at Marquette, please click here.​

​Other Services to Help Students Find Success

Tes​​ting Room

When students miss a test or quiz for an excused absence, the teacher can require or they can request to take the test during Testing Room Times (Tuesday and Thursday from 7:20am-8: 10 am or Wednesday 3:25pm-4: 15 pm in the FLEX Room.  Other information about the Testing Room:

  • Students must have a Picture ID (School ID, IC Login Page, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)
  • Pens, Pencils, Calculators must be provided by the student
  • Cell Phones must be turned OFF and left in the student's bag or on the front table
  • All belongings must be placed in the front of the room

​Care Team

If a student (or their parent) feels like they are still not finding a level of success they are striving for, they can request that the student's counselor investigate if convening a Care Team Meeting is necessary. If the counselor feels it is warranted,  all of the student's teachers, their counselor, and principal will come together and discuss what they are seeing and make recommendations/plans on how to help that student find success.