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A Message from the Superintendent

​Dear Rockwood School Community,

During the 2020-2021 school year, Rockwood has remained flexible to do our very best for students in this ever-changing COVID​ environment.

We started the school year virtually. For the second quarter, we gradually returned students to in-person learning by grade level. We have worked hard to support students and families by offering two instructional models: in-person and virtual learning. We remain inspired by our teachers, leaders and staff who provide quality learning experiences for our students. 

In Rockwood, we are always looking forward. We continue to ask: What more can we do?

  • How can we offer the highest quality education - academically, socially, emotionally and physically - for our students during these times of COVID-19?
  • How can we best support our educators to manage this challenging effort to teach and care for students utilizing two instructional models?
  • How can we help our online learners so they have more time with their teachers?
  • How can we provide a safe, healthy environment for our in-person learners at school?
Listening and Working Together
These questions have been at the forefront of many Rockwood conversations. We have involved our Rapid Response Teams, Rockwood Learning Council, parents, medical and health professionals, and district leaders. As we approach the third quarter, we remain committed to the following:

In Rockwood, our focus remains on doing our best for students and staff. Our students and their learning are at the center of everything we do. We will continue to support our teachers, leaders and staff who are doing their best for our students.

We need to be flexible as a district. We see progress as we make our way through this pandemic. We know more than ever about this virus and how to manage the spread using effective mitigation strategies. It's important that we do not make decisions in December that will lock us into a path that we must continue through June. We will remain flexible as we look at the challenges of the third quarter and then adapt and adjust to any changes coming in the fourth quarter.

Our children need stability. We have lived a lifetime of change in just a few months, and the pace is only accelerating as we prepare for the potential distribution of vaccines in the coming weeks. We want to provide stability and consistency for our children during these changing times.

Moving forward in the third quarter
Rockwood is committed to continuing both in-person and virtual learning options with the following improvements:

  • Add five virtual learning days for K-12  to the third-quarter calendar. Virtual learning days are when in-person learners stay home from school and connect with their teacher and online classmates via Zoom learning activities. The addition of five virtual learning days will offer more opportunities for students to connect online and allow teachers to provide students time for individual or group help sessions. Rockwood Early Childhood programs will remain open on these five virtual learning days.
  • Continue our commitment to Rockwood Safe Together for schools. We appreciate our school community as they continue to follow our health and wellness efforts during these challenging times.
What more can we do?
As we look to the fourth quarter, we will continue our conversations about next steps. Our strength lies in lifting each other up and uniting our efforts to do our best for our children.

I'm sure you have questions. We've posted answers on our Rockwood website. Please look for the Rockwood@​Home – Second Semester and the Rockwood@School – Second Semester icons on your school level pages for more information. 

As I look back on all we’ve accomplished this year so far, I must share my gratitude. It has been a challenging journey, and I’m so grateful for our parents and community partnerships as we do our very best for our students. 

Sincerely and respectfully, Mark

Dr. Mark Miles
Rockwood Superintendent