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Blevins, Eureka, Geggie Elementary Students Explore and Learn at STEM Night

Students show off their safe egg, which survived a drop from the second floor at STEM Night on Tuesday.


One by one, students climbed the stairs to the second-floor balcony of Eureka Elementary on Tuesday night, all with one goal in mind.

Protect the egg.​ By any means necessary.

The egg drop participants used all forms of insulated containers, parachutes, cotton-ball padding -- even a full down comforter -- to protect their precious cargo from a harsh landing on the lobby floor. Some eggs escaped without a scuff, some cracked ever so slightly and some exploded, sending yolk everywhere. Ev​eryone had fun and learned, a unifying theme for the Eureka quadrant STEM Night on Nov. 19. 

Students watch a chemistry demonstration at STEM Night on Tuesday.Almost 800 students ​and family members from Blevins, Eureka and Geggie elementaries attended the event, which celebrated the STEM -- science, technology, engineering and mathematics -- disciplines with more than 25 activity stations throughout the school. Rockwood School District Partners in Education (PIE) worked with staff members at the three schools to put on the event.

"We wanted the students to enjoy the love of learning and have some fun, hands-on, interactive experiences," said Blevins Principal Dr. Sharon Jackson. "STEM is such a popular topic right now, and we want the kids to learn to love it."

This is the first time the three Eureka elementary schools have presented a STEM Night together. After this year's success, they hope it becomes an annual event.

Students interact with a snake at STEM Night on Tuesday."PIE was phenomenal in putting everything together and organizing it, and (Eureka Elementary Principal) Lynn White was so kind to offer her building, which was such a great space for it," Jackson said. "It was fun to see kids from the different schools who knew each other run into each other. It was a community-building event."

From the egg drop and wind turbine activities in the lobby, students could make their way to the cafeteria, which included stations on butter making, wildnerness survival, chemistry experiments and the Eureka High Bosons robotics team. Eureka High's Quarks robotics team set up in the gymnasium, along with featured exhibits such as drones, liquid nitrogen, tricks involving Bernoulli's principle and a giant, inflatable earth globe.

Hallway exhibits also included robots to pilot and snakes and alligators with which the students could interact.

"I was amazed by how many families attended," Jackson said. "There were so many smiles in every hallway."

Students work with a member of the Eureka High Quarks robotics team at STEM Night on Tuesday.Students try out their wind turbine at STEM Night on Tuesday.Students pilot a drone at STEM Night on Tuesday.