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Changes Outlined in AP Exam Registration

​​​High School students are being asked to register and pay for Advanced Placement (AP) exams during first semester. The new change this school year is being implemented by the AP Program.  It will allow students the opportunity to access new instructional resources including unit guides, personal progress checks and a bank of real AP questions. 

Taking an AP exam is a natural conclusion to the extensive work students complete while taking an AP course. Below are a few reminders regarding exam registration: 

·  This year each exam costs $99. 

·   If you are a student with disabilities, who is seeking nonstandard testing accommodations, please have a parent contact your school's building test coordinator immediately. An application with College Board must be completed on your behalf to receive accommodations. The deadline for this application is Jan. 17, 2020. 

·   If you currently qualify for the free/reduced meal program, please contact your building test coordinator as soon possible to discuss a fee waiver/reduction. 

·  Taking an AP exam is a great way to pursue college credit. To find a listing of colleges and universities and their policies in accepting AP exam grades (college credit awarded for exam scores), please visit College Board's website: 

For further information regarding AP exam registration, please visit these Rockwood high school web pages: 

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