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Chesterfield Elementary Student Artwork Recognized by Prominent Painter

‚ÄčAn art assignment that Chesterfield Elementary fourth-grade student Jasmyn Callaham submitted last week has gained significant attention on social media.

Callaham recreated a contemporary piece by American painter Amy Sherald. Art teacher Julie Glossenger then decided to share the artwork to the classroom Instagram account.

"I asked Jaz's mom if it would be OK to post her work on our classroom Instagram and tag the artist, since she has an online presence," said Glossenger. "She approved so I put it up, hoping to catch a like from the artist, only to find that she was so taken with it, she reposted it!"

In the repost that has raked in more than 14,000 likes and 250 comments, Sherald commented, "Brilliantly executed!!" Callaham was thrilled when she heard the news.

"When my mom told me about the artist reposting my project, I was shocked," said Callaham. "I was excited that so many people liked it."

artwork-reposted-by-amy-sherald-final-edit.jpgThe 10-year-old said she and her cousin selected the image because the girl in the picture resembled her. They used a clear smock for the dress, acrylic paint, medical gloves, tea cup and plate, a pillow case for the backdrop and a gift bow and gift bag for the hat.

"It took us almost an entire day to complete it," said Callaham. "We were so happy our photo looked so much like the artist's painting when we were done."

"It's great to see that our student saw herself in the curriculum, made an amazing piece of art about a living artist and was able to connect with that artist and receive validation for her awesome work," said Glossenger.